Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Travel (V)ogue - I

Hello all..How are you?
Well I am clearly on an experimentation spree, so as I mentioned here I bring to you this post as a travelogue of the vacation I recently undertook. This particular vacation wasn't a fancy "WE ARE ON A HOLIDAY" kinds to the lands of Europe or anything even more fancier, but it was after years that I went on a vacation with my entire extended family which indeed was no less than what is described as fancy.
It is so very true, that the years of growing up with all the pressures of studying, career and relationships do take away from you the little joys you experienced as kids, like:

1. The fun and giggles of four sisters staying in a hotel room and instructed to get dressed on time :)
2. The joy of running so fast that you start feeling like you are flying.
3. The non-stop singing of songs without caring whether you sing the right words or in the right melody.
4. Going up-down the hotel lift, as if it was the best human invention of the era you are a part off.
5. Scaring your brother(s) in the middle of the night by ringing their room bell, and the eventual hiding with those hush-hush talks, plans and ya the uncontrollable giggles.
6. Non-Stop clicking of pictures with some weirdest of expressions.
7. Getting wet in the rain amidst the clouds and cherishing rain as a true natural wonder.
8. Eating Ice-Cream in the middle of the cold night, on a swing from where you see the entire city.
9. Playing cards till late at night.
10. Eating warm Gulab-jamuns on a quiet, foggy, chilly evening :)
11. Sharing clothes...:D
12. Those sisterly talks and secrets till the wee hours of the morning and so much more!!

Family Vacation indeed is an experience you cherish for a lifetime...

So, coming over to where I went which is Shimla. Shimla, as you might be knowing is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and was declared the summer capital of India during the British Raj. Chandigarh is the nearest major city to this hill station, offering its residents a quick get-away. Shimla also referred to as the "Queen of Hills" is famous for its architecture dating back to the colonial era and the traditions and cultures which stand manifested by the British Raj. The same is reflected in its art and sounds and also in some great vintage shops located at the very famous Mall Road which I had the chance of visiting. I have been quite a frequent visitor to this place, but being there with the family made it a fresher experience. 
My personal style on this vacation remained very relaxed ( I shall share with you my Travel Style Tips in the next post, so stay tuned :):) ) and being one of those people who feel so very cold, I wasn't playing risky.

Here's a look at a few pictures from Day 1:

I wore a simple, pleated georgette vintage top with jeans and canvas ballerina's. I feel very cold so had to wear socks. I wore denim earings from H&M and carried this sparkling golden bag which I got with my copy of Vogue that housed my knick knacks :)

The city at night!!

I hope you enjoyed my post and would come back for more :)

Thank You for stopping by...


  1. I love the pictures and yes. four sisters must have had a blast together.

  2. Great pics, and you look so pretty!
    Thank you for your king words!!!
    I'll wait for you to come back visit me!


  3. Your look's absolutely laid-back & holiday-y!!! :)

    Waiting for more pics.... :))

  4. Nothing beats a holiday with the family! With family, the place doesn't matter, its the journey that makes it so much fun and memorable!

    Love your hat! :D

  5. Great post!! Sounds like you have a great family! And you pics are beautiful!!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog and following! Let's stay in touch!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings