Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Stockings love!!

Hey all..how have you been? This post comes after quite a while..well please forgive me as I am in the middle of 2 weeks of strenous, scary exams!! No matter how many I take - the pressure, stress and anxiousness is as new and as fresh since I last took them :(
Anyhow, for this post I have compiled a few of my looks wherein you would see me wearing stockings!!
Its interesting to note that stockings have been a part of the wardrobes since the 15th century and were primarily worn by men. As fashion and fashion aesthetics evolved so did this very piece..and came as a friend for the females...
Today stockings are available in a wide range of colours and techniques be that LACE :), fishnet, fencenet, denier, applique or sheer.
So here are my looks:
Look 1

Wearing : Sweater Dress Slimmer New York,  Satchel bag Juicy Couture and my ballerina flats with a cute shimmery butterfly and the stockings are from Dubai (thrift).

Look 2 has me looking like a school girl :):)

Wearing: Stockings Forever 21, Ballerina flats from Dubai and the rest trust me is thrifted :p

Look 3

I wasnt supposed to be minus that..was I?

Look 4

Wearing: Stockings Forever 21, Dress UCB, Bag Nine West, Ballerina Flats Lifestyle. I chose yellow flats and yellow accessories to go with this dress just to add some colour and fun.

Also you can see me wearing stockings here

Would love to know your views!!

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Thursday, 14 April 2011

From the archives - Winter hues - Red and Blue

Hey guys..I guess I would be archiving a few more of my looks of Winter 2011. Well winter in not at all of all greys,navy blues and blacks. Infact winter gives us chances to venture out and play with different hues be that bright colours or the subtle ones. Agreed that the bright ones are to be kept for the springs, but don't we cheer up when we adorn them on a foggy morning?
Well my first look is Ohhhh - so Blair Waldorf inspired!! Take a look:

The Winters characterized by the warm sun and accompanied by the chilly breeze demanded that i wear layers...Red is my solid contrast with black..and i wore a leopard print wrap underneath just to add sum fun to the solid block of colours..catch my red ballerina flats playing peek-a-boo..:)

Incase, you still havnt figured out as to why this look was a Blair Waldorf inspired, I shall be obliged to answer. This quarter sleeved red blazer has been my best buy this season and I was lucky to finally find it at Forever 21 after admiring this style in many Gossip Girl episodes (Read BW). Plus I chose to wear it with a head band so really made me feel so Blair :):) 

The second look that I have included in this post, is a simple one. The winter greys and blacks have been poped up with ELECTRIC BLUE!! Incase you wondering as to why electric blue has been put in capitals is cause its my all time favourite colour. I can safely say I am obssessed with it!!

This black top is my multi purpose thing and its minimal sequin detail compensates for no accessories. These flats ares super comfortable and they have this grey-blue leopard printed satin scarf on top wic makes them kinda cute :):) The fun part is that the grey sleeveless cardigan that I wear is my Dad's. I love to wear his clothes especially during winters..its fun and for no apparent reason they are super cosy :)

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So,obviously this cardigan was loose on me, so i belted it up and pleated it from the back, like this :

And Voillaaaaaa!!

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Monday, 11 April 2011

From the archives - Tangy O

Hey everyone!! For my second post I have thought of archiving some of my looks from before. Since orange is the flavour of the season, I decided to show you guys how I wore the same.


Well this was a mid winter dress up..and my attempt to bring in some colour..:) I adore this mango dress..well not for its colour but its delicate falling neck detail with golden buttons :)

Dressing up for winters is fun..with the boots, trenches, mufflers..and all. I am lucky to be residing in the north so I get to enjoy the Indian winters to the fullest. Well this particular trench belongs to my mum and is about 15 years old :) It certainly commands vintage value now!! Also this outfit of mine wasn't minus the cocktail ring fever :) You can check that out below:

I would love to know your views on today's post!!

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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Happy Beginnings :)

"All glory comes from daring to begin." Eugene F. Ware

Well although we know it isnt any rocket science but here I am amidst a stream of emotions as I put across to you all my very first post for Trimmings and Lace. My profile describes me as a fashion enthusiast and I hope to stand up to that.
Without much delay, so here's what I wore yesterday for a family dinner. I love love love my family (like all of us) and I guess my first post should include them as well, in whichever way.

I simply love this dress primarily because of its rich colour. Its got this beautiful lace detailing for the bodice and the back (LACE..so apt :) :)). Lace also adds so much feminity into an attire. 
I should also mention here my love for slings and cocktail rings this season.
I shall keep you posted on a few of my favourite picks of the two this very season..soon!! 
I have a lot on my mind to share with everyone..from who I am,what I like, how's my city like and so much more..I hope I'll be welcomed and loved by you all in doing so!!
Please leave your comments and let me know your views :)
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