Saturday 1 April 2017

TrimmingsAndLace For YWC - Collection Launch

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Last Friday marked an exciting and inspiring luncheon as the legendary Yuvraj Singh launched his sports lifestyle brand - You We Can - on India's leading fashion e-tailer Jabong. Inspired by his own life and his many victories - both professional and personal - You We Can (YWC) is Yuvraj Singh's own label and is an offset of his foundation named 'You We Can' - an NGO dedicated towards working for cancer causes, funding education for cancer survivors and many more noble activities. Which is why, a certain percentage of all YWC sales are contributed towards the You We Can foundation, facilitating and enabling the good work to be carried on. YWC, available at Jabong, is an active wear line consisting of a variety of products for men and women like T-shirts, ,joggers, track pants, jackets, hoodies and much more. And guess what, these pieces won't burn a hole in the pocket as prices range from Rs. 600 to Rs. 1500.  

Speaking at the event, Yuvraj Singh, said,"YWC is built around the ethos - Live, Dare and Inspire - and aims to motivate individuals to fight against insurmountable odds, have courage and make fighters out of all of us. Jabong has a dedicated base of sports-loving and fashion-forward shoppers and will be an excellent platform for YWC to connect with more individuals and inspire them to have the grit and determination to overcome unassailable difficulties. I am sure YWC will continue to reach a wider sect through its association with Jabong." 

Make sure you check out the You We Can collection available at Jabong. 

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Thursday 16 February 2017

The Pinks You Cannot Miss

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Love it or hate it, but you cannot escape it - All pretty things do come in pink and all the Valentine hum drum involves pink, and a lot of it. But beyond the pretty and the mushy, for me pink affiliates with strength and empowerment as well (and much more).

With February unremarkably being the month of love (and all the branding that has gone into making it one), I felt it right to share with you my all time favourite pinks. I wouldn't label all of them as classics, however, being personal favourites I'll certainly recommend splurging on them. 

Here's my list - 

1. Chance by Chanel 
2. Miss Dior by Christian Dior
3. Dream of Pink by Lacoste - Sadly discontinued. Hence, I savour every drop of mine! 
4. Chatterbox by M.A.C - Works better as a blush. Trust me! 
5. Breathing Fire by M.A.C

Wearing - 

Cardigan - ZARA
Skirt - Stalk Buy Love
On my lips - Breathing Fire from M.A.C

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Wednesday 1 February 2017

Before We Say Pleats Please

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You are late to the party if I have to tell you that pleats were The trend last spring/summer and the fashion circuit is going puppy eyed for them this season as well. Knife, accordion or superfine crystal pleats, this precise, fabric creasing technique takes on a sophistication that goes beyond that of plaid, school uniforms. Besides the drama when in motion and with the right hints of metallic and shine, pleats create a perfect balance of sexiness and reserve. With Issey Miyake capturing imaginations with this revolutionary label Pleats Please and bringing them back into the spotlight, this technique has progressed from the boutique curated gowns and dresses to the more wearable, accessible and affordable wardrobe staples. Pleats are a great way of fashionably hiding yourself (imagine a wide, legged palazzo pant) or being your boldest, avant-garde self (imagine an architecturally  structured top). Not to mention, their ability to elevate even the blah of outfits. Hence, the outfit. 

Metallic skirts have made quite a dent with some of the leading high street fashion houses and hence into the fashion conscious wardrobes. Pair them with a cool, graphic t-shirt or go edgy like me, they work their way to spruce the very basics. And, if pleats aren't your thing (really?) but metallics are, you might want to check out this for some SOS. As for me, there's no not loving them  - not now, not then

Wearing - 

Skirt - SheIn
Brassiere - Marks&Spencer
Bomber Jacket - Gifted (here)
Sandals - Charles & Keith (here)

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Saturday 24 December 2016

Pajama Christmas

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It's been a while since the last rambling and choosing to contain my thoughts courtesy the overwhelming flu, here's wishing you and your wonderful families a fabulous Christmas. Until we meet again, have a great one!

Wearing - 

Pajama Shirt - Stalk Buy Love
Pants - ZARA
Sunglasses - RayBan
Earrings - ToniQ
Sandals - ALDO (here)

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Monday 5 December 2016


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While working on some personal logistics this Monday morning, I found myself composing the infamous 'About Me' of our lives. My to-do list also included writing a new post for the blog and because of that prior exercise, ideas flowed fast. Being around here for long, you might know me a little or virtually a lot, but perhaps THIS wasn't enough to let you know about US. We may be the #Agamit, but who are we? Well, now you know -

1. Starting with the very basic. (In case you are new here) My name's Agam and his name's Amit Rabab Singh.

2. We were batch-mates through school, lost touch post that, met again while we were in college, dated for about ten years and have been married for ten months now. Touchwood!

3. While you know what I do, Amit too is an entrepreneur and has his own company. He is into skill development for the banking and financial sector.

4. We both are Pisces. Our birth dates are a week apart and I'm a week elder to him.

Tips To Manage Frizzy Hair This Monsoon

5. We were in a long distance relationship for about three years and after that too we were in different cities. As tough as it might have been, it strengthened our relationship and us like no other.

6. I wouldn't call Amit a fashion aficionado. But he undoubtedly has a great sense of style. He strongly believes in investing in statement pieces and his taste in shoes and bags is unmatched.

7. We both have sisters' as siblings. Amit has a younger sister while I have an elder sister.

8. He's a self confessed food and wine connoisseur while my food barometer is quite dismissive and I barely know my Malbee from Merlot.

9. This might get categorized as being a cliche, but I am the temperamental one between the two of us. He is pretty much always calm and composed and hence always the peacemaker.

10. Being in the profession that I am in and being a 'geographically distant' boyfriend, I sometimes missed having him as the 'photographer boyfriend'. Request you to kindly not judge me quite literally here but get the drill. Now, Amit himself is camera shy but has recently developed a penchant for photography. My Instagram's a proof. And now I can finally say with pride "I love that man behind the camera!"

Wearing - 

Top - H&M
Skirt and Sunglasses - Forever 21
Booties - ALDO

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Thursday 24 November 2016

If I Had A Number

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While working on my 'internal logistics', the other day I stumbled upon a list of my old, my favourite (if I may say so) TrimmingsAndLace blogposts. So, if you have been a regular, avid reader of my blog this may be your deja vu moment, and if you've joined me recently here's something about my journey so far. 

I am sure such a plethora of links is bound to leave you overwhelmed, but I also do hope that they make up for a wonderful read and have something to offer and to cherish!

Wearing - 

Dress - TrimmingsAndLace
Earrings - H&M

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Thursday 17 November 2016

The Misread Theory Of Professionalism

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Its quite rhetorical when I ask myself or a group of like minded individuals as to whether 'Professionalism' in today's time is a disregarded virtue or simply an illusion. From what I can say for myself, I am a propagator of professionalism. I may have an occasional slip or two, but then my morality takes the better of me and the whole situation and perhaps the lack of "call of action" from my end, makes me feel guilty to the stomach. I do also believe that there are a few gospels that constitute the very fundamentals of professionalism and are independent of the industry you operate in. 

The sheer idea of TIME is nothing but a myth and punctuality an unknown virtue. We all have been late to a meeting or an event and have also been on the other side of the table. But why does being late become a characteristic symbolic of your stature and being right-on-time fetches you an  "Ohhh! You're here", topped with sufficient quantities of dismay.

Another aspect of our everyday functioning, which we all might have resorted to ourselves at some point of time, and have largely become okay with is NON-REVERT. One of the very basics of virtual communication is acknowledgement. But since when and why, a simple acknowledgement to an email, a text or a call become a damper to the position you hold or a reflector to how busy you really are. Why are we in a race to supersede the other on grounds as trivial as these. Has talent and hard work indeed lost their value that we cannot bank on them.

We battle it out on the OUTCOMES, results and deliverables. Yet it is easy for people to renege on their commitments and what was apparently agreed upon, easily compromising on the time and efforts put into the initial discussion and decision making. In some cases, your efforts might be deemed as obligatory. While in others, it might seem fair and just to put off a task for reasons more personal than professional, sometimes to an extent where it becomes an arduous exploitation of your professional dependence. 

I am sure each of us can add in more to this rant, coming from a tank of experiences we gain in and during our professional tenure. Likewise, each of us would have evolved a mechanism that works best for us. However, much like my thoughts on MODESTY, it sometimes saddens me to find myself swimming in a pool as shallow as this. But I'm glad to have my virtues as my lifeboats and retain them with pride. I would love to know your share of professional inexperience(s) and how you dealt with them. In the end, all I say is that - Let's bring the ship home!

Wearing - 

Top - ZARA
Skirt - Forever 21
Earrings - H&M
Shoes - Woolworths

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