Friday, 26 August 2016

And We're Married

Having rested in the drafts for close to six months, call it instinct or procrastination, I never felt it was the right time to publish this post. This video was shot within the pages of a test-run, the concept I wanted to structure it around came in much later. But somehow it couldn’t see the light of the day. Until, having lived that concept now, the eve of my anniversary (six months) seemed just the right moment to share this. This video and the following words are my attempt at sharing the structural and platonic shift that accompanied me after getting married and moving to a new place (Typing the post's title took me back to my first post and was enough to give me goosebumps). Maybe, I do a good job at it! 

Dwelling back in time, my husband and I were batch-mates in school, started dating while we were in college, dated for about nine years and finally got married. I feel, my words about getting married and the hum drum that accompanies an Indian wedding will be mere drops in an ocean of all that wed talk, so I’ll safely jump to the life that starts post-marriage, which, contrary to popular belief isn’t all about lots of sex or snuggling up for movies. 

Getting married introduces a couple to many challenges, which in a subtle way can be life altering and also pushing enough for you to explore and dive into all those innate, subconscious life lessons your parents and your story-so-far gave you. I am lucky to have married someone I knew so closely, which is why sharing an emotional or physical space came easy. There wasn’t any (as it might be called) adjustments involved. We know and understand each other’s professional demands, schedules, habits – eating and living alike, so yes it did come in easy. In the present world, the moment we begin to speak about managing a house, conversations are quick to boil over the whole idea of working women empowerment, independence, the equality in partnership theory and the like, and yes bearing that onus and responsibility can be overwhelming at first. I did have a feeling or rather the belief (which girls these days consider as cool) that I don’t know anything. But once again, thanks to my mum who managed both her professional life and her home so perfectly and thanks to a lifetime of lessons absorbed observing her and yes thanks to our helpers (they deserve so much credit), looking after our house, cooking, and doing its interiors (if you follow me on Snapchat, you know it’s my new found love) is something I fell in love with immediately. So, like I mentioned at the start…the challenges are of a happy kind! 

However, if I can be completely honest, coping with the professional arena has been the hardest for me. I have been truly blessed to have my husband and my family, provide a support system that encourages me to go out, chase my dreams and be the sport when it comes to achieving them. However, moving to a new city and putting together and getting oneself accustomed to the resources has been a challenge for me. The people are new and so is their approach and method towards work. Shoot locations don’t come easily and it’s been difficult to churn quality content for brands. On the other side, this straight line curve has been a boon in helping me strategize and work on newer avenues, concepts and business models. 

Any change in life is bound to cause a tectonic shift in our approach towards it. I do reckon that marriage is that “new phase” that’s often talked about and pondered upon by all of us. But this change is also that time in your life when you’ll mature as an individual, expand (or rather double) your capabilities, grow your horizons, multiply your ideas and have an undefined, subconscious desire to be better that what you were before. However, wherever this journey takes many of you and myself, let it most importantly be about love…because in the end that is and was all that really mattered!

Wearing - 

Maxi Dress (Worn as skirt) - TrimmingsAndLace (here)
Shirt  (Up for grabs on my Spoyl profile) - Thrifted 
Sandals - River Island

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

TrimmingsAndLace : What I Wore - June 2016

 photo _MG_9925.jpg  photo _MG_9976.jpg  photo _MG_0634.jpg  photo _MG_0307.jpg  photo _MG_0696.jpg  photo _MG_0562.jpg  photo 2016-07-071.jpg  photo _MG_9938.jpg  photo _MG_0623.jpg  photo 2016-07-07.jpg  photo _MG_0698.jpg  photo _MG_0826.jpg  photo _MG_9989.jpg

Wearing - 

Look 1 - Shirt (Husband's, Rocky S), Skirt (Levis, Here), Sunglasses (Missa More), Lace-Ups (Koovs), Gold Bangles, Russian Red on my lips.

Look 2 - Blazer (Forever 21), Dress (Stalk Buy Love), Sunglasses (RayBan), Ballerina Flats (Lavie).

Look 3 - Cape (Gifted), Dress (Forever 21), Earrings (Claire's), Juttis (From a Chandigarh local store).

Look 4 - Kurta worn as a dress (FabIndia), Watch (Balmain), Bucket Bag (Mango, Here), Sunglasses (Vintage RayBan), Gladiator Sandals (Jabong).

Look 5 - Dress (Buy from Singapore), Scarf worn as choker (Satya Paul), Watch (Balmain), Bag (Gifted), Sunglasses (Jabong), Oxfords (Zara).

Look 6 - T-Shirt (Mango), Pallazo (Jabong), Sunglasses (Vajor), Neck-piece (Forever 21), Flats (Target)

Look 7 - Dress (Marks & Spencer), Sandals (ASOS), Pearls (Gifted)

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

TrimmingsAndLace For VAPH : Resurrection of Sorts

 photo 0K6A8920.jpg  photo 0K6A8951.jpg  photo 0K6A8943.jpg  photo 0K6A8855.jpg  photo 0K6A8937.jpg  photo 0K6A8975.jpg  photo 0K6A8956.jpg  photo 0K6A8857.jpg  photo 0K6A8899.jpg  photo 0K6A8980.jpg

For me the beauty of fashion lies, broadly, across two lengths - one being the utilitarian aspect of it and the other being the constant resurrection of the wardrobe staples. The same comes up with my second fashion feature story with VAPH.. Much like my maiden love with the Isabella Loafers, these Andrea (Salmon) sneakers instantly called out to me. Besides the gorgeousness in design and the finesse in skill, what really stood out for me on the day of the shoot was the comfort factor that came in with these shoes. The shoot literally had us walking endlessly from one end to the other in search of the sun, it had us running, jumping and skidding away to get a perfect shot, but this loyal pair didn't cringe a bit.

Taking inspiration from the fashion divas across the globe, I paired these on-trend-point sneakers with overalls sourced from Stalk Buy Love that lent a hipster vibe to the look, while the classic red lips and them sunglasses bought in the glamourous charm of the 70s. If you are a 90s kid, you definitely would remember having a love-hate relationship with the overalls. They either were your go-to wardrobe piece when you wished to dress up like the Rachel Greens of the world or there were times when they remained confined to the zones of farmers and toddlers. Irrespective of the sides you were on, the good news coming from the fashion radar is that this perfect hybrid of a comfortable pair of trousers and an uber glamourous jumpsuit has had a glorious comeback. Further, I decided to keep the other elements of the look minimal and added some statement jewellery pieces and this fringe bag for effect.

Wearing -

Overalls - Stalk Buy Love 
Tank Top - Thrifted (Way Back Here)
Sneakers - c/o VAPH (Shop)
(Check-out the latest Vagabond collection)
Bag - Gifted
Sunglasses - Miss Bennett (here)
Ring - Vajor
Cuff - The Trunk Label 

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

TrimmingsAndLace For JORD : Breaking A Vow

 photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016-17.jpg  photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016-9.jpg  photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016-4.jpg  photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016-3.jpg  photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016-7.jpg  photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016-16.jpg  photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016-5.jpg  photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016-12.jpg  photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016.jpg  photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016-11.jpg  photo TrimmingsAndLace_08.04.2016-19.jpg
Shot By - Mr. Shutterbug

If we are 'fashion influencers' in the actual sense of the word, we do draw our outfits based on our subconscious story. This very outfit comes from a place of exploration, self evaluation, complexity and passion, which is probably why it comes this late. The only facet that runs linear throughout this outfit post, much like our lives, is time.

I say exploration because as I took time off to settle and soak in the beautiful challenges of a married life, and slowed down my 'virtual social activity' I came across the works of many a many bloggers and the endless chain of blogs that have come up. Did I go through all of them? YES. Did I like all of them? NO. Did it leave me underwhelmed and a little skeptical towards the trends prevailing in the blogging industry? CERTAINLY YES.

I say self evaluation, because this allowed me or rather forced me to go back and see what I had been doing so far. Perhaps I was too disconnected to realize how commercial the industry has become. How effortlessly that voice of creativity has been sucked in and how glamorously plagiarism, promotions and directionless styling in the name of fashion prevails.

I say complexity because in all dramatics, the content has lost its glory and what substantiates the quality of a blog are the numbers. I have a ***K following, my content is a little similar to what I wrote in standard 8th or at times better because I was able to rip it off from, I won't have time to style your pieces to the fullest because I have multiple projects in the pipeline but I have ***K the rest obviously doesn't matter. The scenario for me personally is very sad and disappointing because the industry was nothing like this when I started. Blogging was first a medium for self and then for anyone else. But Alas!

I say passion because, although this trend is discouraging to say the least, I believe in doing what I know and doing it right. I believe that it is the only tool you need for longevity. Yes, it might not give you a herd, it might not even be commercially viable but atleast you'll have a voice.

Thank you JORD Wood Watches and Steve Madden (Facebook) for partnering on this post. In tune with this post, I can say for a definite that your brand ideology speaks much louder than a few words from me which could have made a difference. 

Wearing - 

Dress - StalkBuyLove
Belt - Forever 21
Sandals - c/o Steve Madden India
Watch - c/o JORD Wood Watches ()
Kundan Earrings - Mom's

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Saturday, 26 March 2016

To Talk Or Not

 photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-39.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-1-3.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-38.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-41.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-37.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-46.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-40.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-35.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-41.jpg
Shot By - Sahil Nanda

In a very long time perhaps, penning a post (again) seemed liked a challenge. With the exploding real-time bomb a.k.a the social media you already know about the Spring/Summer'16 trends, must-haves, dos and don'ts. Is there any particular trend this outfit conveys? Lace, crop-tops, get the clue. Should I talk about life post marriage? Do readers really have time for it? Should I create a 'virtual' zone for my wedding festivities? Or should I tell you about the projects I am flooded with with or how stressful March endings are supposed to be with all the tax returns. Should I interest you with projects in the pipeline or with selfies at the fashion week. Maybe, I can do a house-tour and delusion you guys with the fanciness of a blogger life. I can pitch in my wedding outfits, venues and jewellery too. Do I sound cynical?  Does the blogger life seem much of a fad? Maybe you can join me on Snapchat (@TrimmingsNdLace) to have a glimpse of mine. Subtle Marketing. Or maybe for now, we can just hope for India to beat Australia in Cricket tomorrow.

Wearing - 

Top - Forever 21
Culottes - ZARA (Also wearing here and here)
Pumps - Naturalizer for BATA (here)
Sunglasses - Miss Bennett (Available at Jabong)
Accessories - Bonia Watch and Mom's Bangle
Bra - Marks&Spencer 

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Monday, 29 February 2016

TrimmingsAndLace 2.0

 photo _MG_1285.jpg  photo _MG_1291.jpg  photo _MG_1341.jpg  photo _MG_1276.jpg  photo _MG_1302.jpg  photo _MG_1373.jpg  photo _MG_1269.jpg  photo _MG_1338.jpg  photo _MG_1334.jpg  photo _MG_1272.jpg

Dressing chic and staying stylish during winters can often seem like a job in hand. As temperatures get more and more frigid, the layers start to bulk up and you often feel more like a person wearing a marshmallow than a woman in her best garb. Black pants, same old sweater and that go-to coat, well yes it is easy to get stuck in a rut during winters when the weather is miserable. However, a look curated with the right pieces – the coats, furs, scarves, hats and jewellery – dressing up becomes incredibly easy. Hence, as we stepped into the last run of the winter season, this pet project with team Vajor had to come through.

Street style has become one of the most popularly accepted and recognized fashion genre. Unlike the VIP accessed fashion shows, street style is your runway to showcase your style for the masses to see and eventually adopt. It’s that wheel that has set many a trends rolling and has also been a forecast into the future. Needless, to say this livewire genre was our inspiration for this month’s fashion stories. For the same, I chose to style pieces which are classics in terms of colour and silhouette but are very modish when put together as a whole.

The first look comprised of a black maxi skirt paired with a quilted top. The zipper details on the top render an edginess to the overall look but I chose to mellow down the same, keeping the overall appeal very feminine by adding this vintage broach. This look not only makes for a perfect work-wear but also if your profession demands you to strut the city streets like a boss.

I am sure for most of you winter-dressing shall now seem a little less difficult. Afterall, when fashion, love and coffee comes together, why ought anything to be difficult. 

Wearing - 

Top - c/o Vajor
Skirt - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Sandals - River Island
Sunglasses - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Broach - Mom's
Earrings - Ginger (here)

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