Friday, 22 March 2013

TrimmingsAndLace Giveaway - Miss Fashionista by Miss Chase

Last month I got a delightful opportunity to collaborate with Miss Chase. I was glad to review their upcoming collection on the blog and much glad that they chose to oblige you wonderful readers by offering a pre-launch discount code. But you know what they say, joy is best when shared. Hence, I are celebrating the joy of your constant love and support for TrimmingsAndLace by bringing to you this exciting giveaway, sponsored by the amazing team at Miss Chase. Without much adieu, here's what I have for you!

You Stand To Win:


A Quick Recap On What You Need To Do:

1. In the comment section below, tell me one clothing item/fashion accessory that you own or would like to own from Miss Chase that makes you/would make you  feel like a fashionista.

2. To participate, you have to LIKE TrimmingsAndLace on Facebook - Here

3. To participate, you have to LIKE Miss Chase on Facebook - Here

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Contest closes April 5, 2013.

For an extra entry, don't forget to tweet @TrimmingsNdLace adding #TrimmingsAndLaceGiveaway at the end.

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Simple isn't it. Now start raiding your closet and tell me about your fashionista tool. I would be waiting!

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Trends and Classics : Leopard Print Blues







Having an animal print piece in your closet is more of a classic than a trend. It can be a dress, top, bag, shoes or a scarf, depending on the degree you are willing to incorporate it in your outfit. Designers, high end stores and even the local stores in your city, everyone has had a brush with this wild jungle. However, wearing animal prints does involve a few tricks and golden rules. Here's a quick drop down on how to bring out your wild side, albeit gracefully and stylishly.  

1. The principal rule when wearing animal prints is to never, never and never overdo it. One piece or two are enough (and loud) to make a statement.

2. The basic principle while working with animal prints to build an outfit around that one prime piece. In my case, I wanted my leopard print courts to be the core of this outfit. I also added a leopard print blouse but narrowed its effect by adding a soft, contrast cardigan. The rest of the look was kept in black.

3. If you are a beginner in wearing/experimenting with animal prints, opt to wear them with another classic i.e. black and white. This is one look that works well especially in corporate wear. But remember, one item at a time. Also, if you choose to wear an animal print dress, keep your accessories minimal and in neutral hues.

4. Animal prints have a certain wild connotation to them. But pair them with soft pastels to wear a look that's tough and delicate all at once. You can take it a notch higher, by playing around with textures. Say wearing an animal print top with a pleated skirt.

5. Fashion is limitless. So be you. Hold up to the women of today, by pairing your animal print piece with florals - a top with a floral skirt, a floral dress with animal print shoes or basic jeans teamed with a floral blouse and leopard print blazer. Isn't this the best way to exclude your inner strength and confidence by keeping up your feminine front? 

I hope you find these ideas useful. Would love to know your views through comments and emails. Have a wonderful day!

Wearing - 

Top - Boutique in Dubai (last worn here)
Cardigan - Gifted
Trousers - Vibe
Shoes and Bag - Dune
Sunglasses - RayBan
Spiked Bracelet - Fab Alley
Spiked Ring - You Shine
Black Ring - Thrifted

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Do-It-Yourself : Two For An Experiment








I have always believed that if you are looking for fashion inspiration or any item that keeps you in sync with whats in trend, your haven is your own closet (or your mom's). While I was in progress of a closet shift and re-shift, thanks to the erratic weather up north, not only did I realize that soon the fashion world would be greeting bye to OXBLOOD (Yes in capitals), but I also saw 'something' hanging in there which had always been there and I had simply been oblivion to it. The 'something' in question was an oxblood lace salwar kameez, which hadn't really seen the light of the day in long. A little but bright bulb just lit that very minute. Step 2 - Heading to the local tailor (How I crave to use the term darzi), getting the side slits sewed and length altered and here you have it - this oxblood lace dress! Isn't this one a quick D.I.Y and an interesting revamp/reform/recycle for your wardrobe? What do you think?
In addition to the trends I have (yes its winters still) been loving this Fall/Winter, I also adore how oxblood and wine stand together. The whole there and not there (contrast) vibe of these two colours helps you play with the textures. That's the reason why I chose to keep this look going in a one-tone palette. Also, for some one who loves her contrasts this was something new and experimental. Perhaps two for this post! Yes, tell me about it...

Wearing - 

Dress - D.I.Y
Coat - Van Heusen
Cardigan (in my hand) - Gifted
Pumps - ALDO
Neck-piece - Gifted
Belt - Promod

If you happen to try this D.I.Y do not forget to share it with me! You can mail me at or even better tag me on Instagram - @trimmingsandlace! Also, have you picked up The TrimmingsAndLace - Limited Edition yet?? (Details)

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