Saturday, 7 June 2014

Revisiting : Stories From The Past








Much of my dressing-up in routine or otherwise is inspired by memories. Though as humans we try and adapt strongly to the theories and teachings of living in the present and 'letting-go', for me personally memories and instances from the past act as a propeller - good or bad. I feel I am genetically blessed with a memory sharp enough to remember dates and what I wore and when episodes. The faintest memory I have of Grecian dressing is from my school days for a Greek play called Antigone. Ever since then (or much before), I have been fascinated with the whole idea of toga dressing, head jewellery, wreaths and the play of gold against flowly chitons. So when I worked with the wonderful team at The Trunk Label, to style and theme a post around their magnificent Nadia cuff, I jumped on to re-live my Antigone moment and reprise my love for gold. If you have been reading my blog for long, you might as well be familiar with my love for statement pieces and jewellery pieces that hold a strong personality of their own. The Nadia cuff, certainly upholds to the same. It's dominating enough to complete your look and delicate enough to keep your dainty side up. Just how I like my jewellery. Afterall, that's how I have grown to connect with it.
Do you have pieces in your wardrobe which bring back memories and a smile? Don't forget to tell me about them.
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Wearing - 

Maxi Dress - Romwe (Did here as well)
Nadia Cuff - c/o The Trunk Label (Shop)
Cuff and Bangles - Westside, Thrifted
Neck-piece worn as head jewellery - XOXO Accessories

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