Wednesday, 22 October 2014

When October Spoke To Me





I call my love and fascination for the festive season as weird and unusual. Besides the obvious dressing mutations that change as a result of fall in temperatures, I myself cannot pick, accept or justify why I love and dream festivities like no other. Maybe its because of the faint celebratory sounds that make way through the quietness of the night or it is the unison with which the roads get jam packed, sweet shops get flooded with people or the sight of your city beaming in a sea of lights. Maybe it has to do with a week long cleaning drive my mom initiates at home calling it the essential Diwali cleaning or memories of falling in love or the relief of finishing semester exams right before the action starts. Maybe it is this enigma and unanswered charm of it all that makes the festival season so special for me, year after year.

When it comes to dressing for Diwali, I am a stickler for traditional. However, considering how hectic my day gets with all the guests, lunches, family visits and prayers, I can barely manage a change before the evening celebrations begin. Hence, I always try that my outfit, jewellery and make-up is easy and comfortable to take me from day to night. Pairing this lehnga skirt with a tailored crop-top, juttis and minimal accessories is going to be my route this year. Plus, I love how these vibrant autumn hues come together seamlessly.  

This post, personally has been the most challenging for me. We wanted to showcase the outfit amidst the fervour and rustle-bustle of the festivities and chose to shoot this look at a fair right in the heart of Chandigarh. Practical difficulties and inhibitions of the mind intact, I would like to believe that we were able to get results worthy of a day's job.

I hope this post does its bit in evoking your beautiful memories, with promises of an even more lustrous and glowing future. My sincerest best wishes to each one of you and your loving families. Thank you for all the love. Happy festivities! 

Wearing - 

Lehnga Skirt - Ritu Kumar 
Crop-Top - Tailored
Earrings - Mom's
Bangles and Juttis - Thrifted (here)

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Instagram Series








A lot of back-end activities for the blog have kept me occupied the past few days. Add to that the festival fervour and the inherent love and nostalgia October brings in for me. Hence, I missed touching base with this space. With the crispness of Autumn finally drawing in, I can't wait to share my styling ideas with you all. Till then, here's an snippet from life over Instagram. Thank you for being around! 

Instagram - @trimmingsandlace

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