Sunday, 30 August 2015

TrimmingsAndLace For Vivat : Dramatics And All That

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Shot By - Daas Media Works

The value and symbolic significance of jewellery is something that gets instilled in us while we are little girls and stays with us through different stages of life. The conscience awareness that jewellery is an important adornment in the life of a woman, it's timelessness from one generation to another and also it's preciousness as an element of investment, are qualities a girl is raised with.

Jewellery has always been associated with being spectacular and breathtaking, depicting the detailed craftsmanship and skill that goes into curating it. These were my initial thoughts as I browsed through Vivat's collection on Instagram. Though I myself favour the changing preferences towards light and  minimal jewellery, nothing can beat the grandeur of truly bold, statement pieces. 

The collection at Vivat is a mix and balance of modern and traditional designs. Along with traditional stones, cuts and designs, Vivat also focuses on uncut, semi-precious stones set in a crushed gold or silver plating that enhances the beauty of the raw material used. The same, makes these pieces sit perfectly with Indian wear and are a definite treat when paired with more contemporary silhouettes. Fret not, because the jewellery is easy on the pocket which means as the festival and wedding season approaches, gone are your woes of wearing the same jewellery pieces over and over again. You can opt for wearing a choker alone or mix and match the sets. Wear an exquisite neck-piece as a headgear or as a modernized version of a kamar-band. Indian, westerns, contemporary Indian, solid colours, maxis, and even sharp, tailored suits it you dare, the options to pairing these beauties are many. Further, it is well ensured that those of you with sensitive skin do not develop allergies of any kind to non-precious metals. 

My idea of this post was to showcase how stylishly these pieces can be worn with more present-day and revolutionized silhouettes. I felt it matched the brand's ideology and functioning to the fullest. I decided to layer these gorgeous neck-pieces to amplify the theatricals that I intended to achieve with this post. I am sure you all must be wondering about the structure of my outfit. Well, it is a DIY-ed version of a georgette sari. I draped it render a very Grecian appeal, yet maintain the robust floral print to depict this transition period. Finally, it was the weather that thankfully added the requisite drama to the overall look. 

How would you choose to style these stunning pieces? Share your ideas with me in the comments section below. You can stop by my Instagram or tweet them to me. Also, don't forget to find Vivat on Facebook  and Instagram

Wearing - 

Dress as top - ASOS (here)
Sari - Mom's
The Head Turner Set - c/o Vivat (Shop)
The Glam Trio Set - c/o Vivat (Shop)
The Pride Set - c/o Vivat (Shop)
Sandals - ALDO (here)

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

TrimmingsAndLace For VAPH - An Isabelle Story

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Shot By - Sahil Nanda

As a fashion blogger, stylist and someone who is genetically blessed with an average height, heels often are my rescue. However, like most of you, traditionally I am all in all a flats person. Eight out of ten times, if the occasion permits, you'll see me in flats. I head out for my shoots and meetings in flats with the heels making an appearance just before I step out of the car. There too, you would rarely find me in sandals or any open-toe flats. I am a complete loafers, moccasins and ballerina kind of girl and perhaps too definitive when it comes to my flats.

This is exactly how my meeting with the VAPH team started. VAPH as a brand specializes in leather and leather textures. But what's interesting is how they have transcended the boundaries of classic leather shoes and colour tones, to introduce variants in terms of colours and textures. In their beautifully designed lookbook you'll be lost in choice amidst some colourful loafers, oxfords, lace-ups, boots and sandals crafted in a combination of suede and treated leather. Don't forget to refer the style guide for some amazing style inspirations and tips. With over 30 years of experience in designing, sourcing and shoe construction, needless to say that their pieces are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

One glance at the collection and I knew that these Isabelle loafers belonged to me. However, dressing up everyday and slipping into the closest pair of flats that you find to styling this pair was somewhat of a challenge for me. The unbound utility of these loafers to run multiple errands during the day is unmatched, but through this post I wanted to depict how stylish they look when styled for an easy and relaxed day. My idea of the same was to spend it in shorts and this breezy off-shoulder top. Thankfully it had rained a couple of hours before we set out to shoot, and what was meant to be a shoot turned into a fun day spent at the park. Heels might be a woman's weapon to stance, poise and power but flats for me are symbolic of her innocence, the child inside her and her little ways of making the world around her joyous and beautiful. An hour into the shoot and a array of feelings...a pair of shoes can change lives!

This particular pair has become my go-to and the most dependable pair on my shoe rack presently. It's easy to slip on, comfortable and sturdy especially during the rains. Don't believe me? See me do Snapchat story to show you the obvious. You can add me - TrimmingsAndLace. And for all of you dying to shop, you can check out VAPH shoes on Flipkart, Myntra and Jabong.

Wearing - 

Top - Tailored (here)
Shorts - Stalk Buy Love
Loafers - c/o VAPH (Don't forget to find them at FacebookTwitter and Instagram)
Bucket Bag - Mango (here)
Earrings - Vivat (love this)
Bangles - Westside
Headband - Forever 21 and Thrifted 

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Butterflies, Buckets and Bites

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Shot By - Sahil Nanda

A Shift Dress to fashion is what mindless television is to weekends. It's a no-brainer when it comes to styling, can be dressed up or dressed down and allows you to miss out on the accessories. All you need is a pair of your most comfortable heels (yes, sense the irony) or your oxfords/loafers (yes, in case you are lucky) and your world in your bag and you are good to run multiple errands during the day or step in and out of meetings. This pretty much has been my last week and the shift dresses of the closet have been my saviour. Also largely because, given the weather and the soaring humidity, there is nothing better, quick or comfortable that I can think of. Having been the fashion circuit's newest baby, the bucket bag has made a large space in my heart as well. I mean it's chic, ultra spacious and all you need to do is to be lazy and throw your stuff in. Now, who doesn't love that? 

Wearing - 

Dress - Promod
Bag - Mango
Peep-Toes - Charles & Keith
Jewellery - Mom's 
On my lips - M.A.C Chatterbox 

I am happy to let you all know that now you can follow TrimmingsAndLace on Snapchat - @TrimmingsNdLace. And in case you don't, follow me on Instagram - @trimmingsandlace. 

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Friday, 7 August 2015

The Working Girl Ideas To Wearing Lace

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     Shot By - Daas Media Works

Dressing for work comes with a different yet defined set of rules - some that we make for ourselves and some laid down by our work environment. Thinking about what to wear for work can feel like a job in itself. Undebatably, LACE is a tricky fabric to adorn as it always transcends the fine lines of sophistication and provocation. Some may argue that lace shouldn't be included in the work wear, but I believe that wearing lace is all about finding the balance. So for all you working girls, wanting to tune-up your work-style-quotient in lace, here are a few of my styling tips -

1. If you've always been conservative when it comes to lace and are now fancying an experiment, start with delicate yet well structured lace tops/shirts in basic colours. You can pair them with your favourite pair of trousers, a pencil skirt or underneath a well fitted suit. 

2. If lace pencil skirts are your thing but you still want to remain in the "safe" territory, pair your skirt with a basic shirt or, if your work place allows, a T-Shirt. However, avoid printed or graphic T-Shirts in this regard. You can finish your look with a tailored blazer and a pair of pointy pumps. 

3. When it comes to jewellery/accessories, less is always more. Much like my look, try sticking to minimalistic and dainty pieces. Yet again, if your work environment permits, you may experiment with contrasts in terms of colour.

4. The same principle as above applies when we talk of make-up. We ofcourse want our skin to look fresh and awake, but remember less is always more. I added a strong red lip for the purposes of this outfit. You always have a choice to go in for a more natural or a lip stained look. 

5. If you choose to stray away from the basics and pick lace in shades of wine, aubergines, maroons or coloured pieces with a nude lining, anchor the rest of the look with muted accessories. 

6. If an all out lace top, shirt or a skirt is not an option you can follow due to work constraints, a little peek-a-boo always works and adds so much textural and visual impact to the overall look. A lace hem peeking from just underneath your blazer or a structured jacket is an interesting dimension to the overall look. 

7. Another interesting pairing can be to wear a lace blazer over your regular shirt, top or T-Shirt. It's safe and spot on chic. 

8. Coming back to pencil skirts. If you feel that your skirt in any way is overwhelming, pair it with a top/shirt of the same colour i.e. ditch contrasts in terms of colours and textures. This shall render a very sleek and minimalistic look to the overall outfit. My personal tip would be to stick to minimal jewellery as well.

9. Whenever in doubt, add your favourite blazer! 

10. Last but not the least, if your work place is a fancier version of what most of us would envy, go ahead and try this girl! 

Wearing - 

Skirt -
T-Shirt and Scarf - Old (Gifted probably)
Bag - ALDO
Jewellery and Watch - Mom's
Sandals - Jabong
On my lips - Neutrogena Merlot in shade 90 

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