Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Hello people. How are we doing? 
I hope that the past week has been great for you all..and I also hope that all my lovely readers in India have caught up on ROCKSTAR. I have seen the movie twice - back-to-back shows literally – and I absolutely loved it!!

Before penning this post I was just surfing the internet (read - reading your wonderful blogs, checking fashion sites, latest collections and of course online retail portals..long live ASOS) and repeatedly came across the term “Burberry Plaid.” This intrigued me to learn more about the different varieties of this forever - in - vogue fabric called PLAID, which is a winter synonym. 

I am guessing many of you, like me, must have heard about these varieties..but just attempting to get into a little depth here..hope you guys enjoy this!!

But before that, here’s my Plaid outfit. It’s something I wore shopping with my parents, about a week back. 
This outfit has been inspired by my ever so favourite – BLAIR WALDORF.

That's what the ever charming Blair wore:

I skipped the hat (quite obvious - imagine me walking in an exhibition with my parents and a hat) and carried a black bag instead of the red. I completed the look with this delicate neck-piece.


Plaid Skirt - Tailored
Crochet Top - Next (You can see me wearing the same here)
Wrap - Bershka Dubai (Catch me wearing it long here)
Bag - Elle
Stockings - Forever 21
Ballerina Flats - Local Store in Chandigarh
Neck-piece - Claire's

So, starting with the tutorial basics..what is plaid?

A plaid is a pattern consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical bands in two or more colors in woven cloth. 

The fabric has the following types:
(Note the visible differences in each type, although the basic weave remains the checked pattern.)

1. Scottish Tartan

2. Gingham Check

 3. Burberry Plaid

4. Madras Check

Did you guys enjoy this plaid-play post? I would love to know your views :)

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  1. Very informative Agam! And a good take on Blair's outfit! :)

  2. Nice outfit, I like it!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Fox House giveaway on my blog!
    Cosa mi metto???

  3. I have loved Rockstar too... great movie... kudos to you for watching it twice :)

    That was a great outfit inspiration and was rendered beautifully :)

  4. Lovely outfit! I so love Blaire's dress too!

  5. ohhh.. lovely lovely.. I'm not sure if I'll wear this. :P but nail art.. definitely on!
    You look just Fab! ;)

    New Post: My first DIY-fish tail and I'm 50!

    You can also follow me on facebook.. I would love to follow you back there too :)

  6. wow !! Great inspired look !! I have tried plaids in different colors in shirts but the way you tried it as a skirt is FAB !! Loved the whole look !!
    And thanks for the info about different plaids !! : )

  7. Very unique outfit Agam! Looks great!! and I loveeeee gossip girl!!!! she is almost my favorite character in that show and I love one of her songs called "somebody to love"

  8. No doubt I'll be following you!! I agree!! I am crazy about that show!! sadly I wish Blair and chuck will be together towards the end like marrying each other. That show and and MadMen is my ultimate favorite show~ where in India do you live? I am planning to visit India in the beginning of March which I am so excited about!

  9. Agam! Really?? Blair and Nate? Nate is cute!! but I totally in love with chuck because of his character makes him look so good. Yeah if it look wise I would choose Nate. I think most people would. But since chuck has that badass side of him makes him so hott! and I think blair and chuck are a perfect couple. I wish they were together in person hahaa.

    I'll be in Bombay, Delhi, and Bangolore! maybe we can meetup oneday! I'll be in India for 2-3 weeks. How far are you from Delhi?

  10. Agam! here's the song by Leighton Meester!

  11. Thank you for your comment I am your reader and you can find me third from the end.

  12. Yeah it'll be fun~!! I am going to be in Bombay on March 5th flying from Chicago to Bombay on the March 4th. probably be in Bombay for a few days then in Delhi but I do plan on going to the upper part of delhi north india!~

  13. forgot to ask do you have facebook?

  14. cute outfit! blair waldrof always dress so well on the show!

  15. I loved your photos and your look!
    Your blog is awesome! ;)) I love this post! :) You follow each other? I hope your answer on MY BLOG ... And then I'll follow you BACK !!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

    A big kiss from Brazil !;):):)

  16. Hey there.. Thanks for your awesome comment on my blog. I really appreciate it :)


  17. loving the red plaid skirt...

  18. your red skirt is so pretty! love the look, exactly like gossip girl :)

    now following!


  19. Love your flats =)

  20. This plaid post along with your look was excellent!! Great inspiration! kisses
    Jelena (

  21. Love your version of Blair's outfit! Looks great on you!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  22. Nice and original outfit!
    Well done!

  23. aww your skirt is sooo pretty and cute!!!! love it! :D

  24. nice skirt Agam! Following you now!

  25. on the gossip girl, I really love blair, even her character on that's movie a little bit bitchy... ;)

  26. Hi there.. THanks a bunch for your wishes... N blush blush.. fr the anniversary part.. :D


  27. loving the red :)
    not a big fan of plaid but yours look great :)


  28. I Loved this outfit post so much Agam..u rocked the look...simple yet chic!And the info on plaid was a much needed one!!

  29. thank you for dropping by my blog Agam! :) I've come across a lot of styling and fashion blogs, but none from Chandigarh! So, Congratulations on being the few active, successful fashion bloggers from our city! :)
    and I was already following you! :)
    looking forward to your posts!

  30. aww thanks alot for your comment ! you know? im really happy when i read your comment. and your skirt is really nice ! i want it

  31. oh, I do love plaid and tartan and the whole number! :) Great post. And your outfit inspired by blair turned out so chic!

    xxx ninja (


  32. plaid skirts look so hep. just right for the cute girl and the tomboy both:)