Monday, 29 February 2016

TrimmingsAndLace 2.0

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Dressing chic and staying stylish during winters can often seem like a job in hand. As temperatures get more and more frigid, the layers start to bulk up and you often feel more like a person wearing a marshmallow than a woman in her best garb. Black pants, same old sweater and that go-to coat, well yes it is easy to get stuck in a rut during winters when the weather is miserable. However, a look curated with the right pieces – the coats, furs, scarves, hats and jewellery – dressing up becomes incredibly easy. Hence, as we stepped into the last run of the winter season, this pet project with team Vajor had to come through.

Street style has become one of the most popularly accepted and recognized fashion genre. Unlike the VIP accessed fashion shows, street style is your runway to showcase your style for the masses to see and eventually adopt. It’s that wheel that has set many a trends rolling and has also been a forecast into the future. Needless, to say this livewire genre was our inspiration for this month’s fashion stories. For the same, I chose to style pieces which are classics in terms of colour and silhouette but are very modish when put together as a whole.

The first look comprised of a black maxi skirt paired with a quilted top. The zipper details on the top render an edginess to the overall look but I chose to mellow down the same, keeping the overall appeal very feminine by adding this vintage broach. This look not only makes for a perfect work-wear but also if your profession demands you to strut the city streets like a boss.

I am sure for most of you winter-dressing shall now seem a little less difficult. Afterall, when fashion, love and coffee comes together, why ought anything to be difficult. 

Wearing - 

Top - c/o Vajor
Skirt - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Sandals - River Island
Sunglasses - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Broach - Mom's
Earrings - Ginger (here)

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