Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"Little Miss Mis-Match"

Hello my darling people..How is the week passing by? Well as for me, I am already longing for the weekend to catch up on my lost sleep..
For no apparent reason, I have decided to make this post a quickie (the reason is perhaps my thought machine is in slumber). But I have always had a little doubt that whether the little-too-much I end up talking in my posts, really interests you?
Wowaaa so here's your question uptill my next post, Do you enjoy reading what I write? If not, where do you think I faulter? (I am a little faint hearted, so please be kind with the criticism :p but I respect all views and opinions).
The outfit for this post is a concoction of prints and textures, something I have never done before. It was nowhere a conscious effort to put together something like this, rather it was 'One Of Those Many Days' when my wardrobe too is in slumber :)

Since, this was my first attempt at mixing prints and textures, I sobered the look with a plain pencil skirt, nude pumps and minimal accessories. 

Sorry for the pictures. These are cell phone clicks :(
Pencil skirt and scarf: Thrifted
Icy Blue Lace wrap and Pearl drop neckpiece: Gifted
Silk and Lace spagetti blouse (worn underneath): Local boutique in Chandigarh
Nude Pumps and bracelets: Aldo

Like many a times, I got a Gossip Girl imagery when I wore this outfit. I love how Blair wears prints in the commencing episode of Season 4 - Belles du jour. Check it out :)

I hope you enjoyed my post :):) 
P.S I am so loving the Icy Blue colour this season. Hoping to wear it in a lot many outfits :D

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

* I Am Off To Work *

A big hello dear readers!! How have you all been? 
I cannot believe that I am doing a post after some 10 days, and clearly I am very apologetic for the same. But I have a very HAPPY REASON to be away for quite some time now. And that HAPPY REASON is that I am employed...yayeeeee :D
I am one person who until some time was pretty much decided on not taking up a job any sooner (or later :p). Unlike many of my friends, I enjoyed a casual approach to life and never really worried that I have to work or weighed the pros and cons associated with the same. I quite enjoyed the creative space I lived in which involved very regular and some boring things (in that order), like, dressing up, shopping, hanging out with friends, visiting new spots even in the city I have lived in for ages, reading, watching re-runs of some of my favourite shows, gardening, sleeping (lots of it) and pretty much what you all must be doing.
But certainly being employed for over two weeks now :D:D:D, has changed my perception towards the above. I am starting to learn that a job doesn't mean an end to what you normally do or like to do, some thing I had so heard off in contrary. At least my job is proving to be a channel to throw in my creativity and in that process learn many wonderful and new things.
So, coming to talk what my job really is :) I am employed with an American concern named Iconoculture as a cultural fluent. My job involves writing observations on anything and everything that depicts consumer trends. This largely means now I do all that (Read dress up, shop, hang out with friends, visit new spots in my city, read, watch re-runs of my favourite shows to know what people or I actually like in them or do gardening) while I am on the job. 
Being proved wrong, sometimes, isn't that bad a feeling...isn't it?

Coming over to what we all love the most..fashion, styles and good outfits :) I have stocked up all the outfits I wore over these days and can't wait to share the same with you :) 
The outfit I wore for this post is something i wore when interacting with girls from a city college (It is in fact the college I graduated from :) ) I felt the outfit very much appropriate for a girl's college plus I was able to give it a formal hint too. Also, it had rained quite a lot over the past three days making the weather quite pleasant, so I could carry off this outfit with ease.

Here's what I wore:

I wore a simple summer dress with a blazer. Its a trend we all have been seeing a lot over magazines and the blog world. The very inspiration for this outfit for me came from the trend encyclopedia  Stylepile. You can check out my Stylepile account by clicking on the widget on your right ::)

Multiple bracelets, cocktail ring and peep-toe slingbacks in suede completed my look. Adding a blazer is a good way to touch-up a casual outfit. No doubt, we are seeing a lot of this trend.


Summer Dress: Thrifted 
Blazer: Tailored
Peep-toe slingbacks: Local store in Chandigarh
Bracelets: Aldo
Ring: Thrifted

None of my pictures, sadly, do not include the bag I carried. Well with this outfit I carried my Victoria's Secret tote you see here.

So, how well do I wear this Stylepile - Inspired look?

P.S Though late A very Happy Independence Day to all my Indian readers. Jai Hind!!

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Sunday, 7 August 2011


A very Happy Friendship's Day dear followers!! 

And a hello as well :)
Over the past few years, I have had a mixed philosophy as regards the significance or meaning of certain celebrated days like a Friendship's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or even a Valentine's Day. I often question myself that do I need a specific day to be thankful or celebrate the beautiful relations I have been blessed with, be that with my parents, partner or friends? 
This thought tingles me all the more when I remind myself that with a little effort of persistently practicing and exhibiting emotions of trust, faith, belief, patience, understanding, happiness and honesty in your relations, each day can be made as special as any day specifically marked 'to be made special.'

 But before you judge my views as those of say an extremist, I shall state or rather declare (IN BOLD LETTERS) THAT I TRULY TRULY RESPECT THE SENTIMENTS OF ALL THOSE FOR WHOM EACH SUCH DAY IS SPECIAL AND MEANS A LOT. Infact, I so respect those views that I happily participate in any celebration of such a day, because what ever day it might be nothing at all is more special or elating than the fact that people around you are happy. There cannot be a better feeling than this..isn't?

So, this view is the premise for the outfit I wore today for lunch with my friends. And it all has to do with O.R.A.N.G.E. The April issue of Vogue described Orange as THE colour of the season. Not having done a post on the same, really used to make me feel on having missed the chance...until I grabbed my hands on Vogue-July. Without much adieu, here's how I wore orange:


 I wore another season trend (Read SHIRT DRESS) in bright orange and maintained it as my statement piece. I made this look a Boho-kind, with a sling fringed bag, tie-ups and a plait.

I wore accessories in gold. A gold bangle, scaled cuff and a chain ring completed my look. I tried to keep the orange shirt dress and the fringed bag as the center pieces for this look. Here's a closer look at my accessories:

  • Orange Shirt Dress: Mango
  • 18 Carat Gold Bangle: Dubai
  • Cuff: Westside
  • Chained Ring: Pierre Cardin
  • Fringe Bag: Gifted :)
  • Tie-up Sandals: Thrifted from Delhi

Here's a look at how I wore Orange in the Winters 2011. I also colour-blocked my outfit with Orange here. 

I hope you liked my look of today :) 

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Somethings Are Never Just "Basic"

Hello People :) 

How are you all? I am still having the same woes regarding the weather and blah but I am also extremely overwhelmed by the wonderful support and encouragement you have been giving to my blog. A big big Thank You to you all. I hope, wish and pray for our togetherness for ever and ever :):)

This very outfit post of mine is my attempt to brighten up the basic jeans-T-Shirt routine. Jeans undoubtedly are the most comfortable garment one can slip into. Its not just the comfort that makes it a hit...its the durability factor (buying jeans in an investment..the garment stays with you for years and post that comands Vintage Value :p) as well. Also Jeans are the cushion(s) you can fall upon when on certain days your wardrobe just refuses to welcome you with a friendly embrace. Throw on a pair of your favourite Jeans, team it up with a T-Shirt, Shirt, Kurta or a formal blouse with some flats or heels and you are set to rock on for a casual/formal event.

However, if you truly get into the role of a FASHION BLOGGER wearing just the basic Jeans-T-Shirt even on "ONE OF THOSE DAYS" can pinch. Here is how I pumped up (sorry for the lack of a better word) two of my very basic outfits. I have to admit that on these two days my creativity cells were on fire.

Let me know what you think about that??


The day I happened to wear this outfit I felt as if I have wandered into some 'Bubble-Gum' world because all I saw around me were the sugar colours - Turquoise and Pink. Have a look :)

 I wore a basic Turquoise tank (last worn here) with a Pink-Magenta warp. I accessorized the look by wearing a star pendant chain and a smiley cocktail ring, which in fact were not accessories. The star pendant is a key-chain from Madame Tussauds, New York and the smiley cocktail ring is a normal hair-band worn as a ring. 

On My Blue Bed Cover :)  

Neighbour's Pots :p

Jeans: Levi's
Tank: Aeropostale
Wrap: UCB
Peep-toes: Local store


In this very outfit, I wore the same Jeans with a nude blouse. Further I added a black summer jacket over it. To enhance the old world charm of the neutrals, I pined a black satin rose broach and a pearl neck-piece on the jacket's collar.

I completed the look with ballerina's in gold (you can catch just a glimpse of those in the picture below :( :( ) and a black tote.

Jeans: Levi's
Nude Blouse: Thrifted Dubai
Black Summer Jacket: Jonathan Martin Dubai
Bag: Elle
Rose Broach: Too old to remember!!
Pearls: Thrifted Australia
Ballerina's: Thrifted Chandigarh

So, Do you have a favourite from the two?? If Yes, I would love to know <3<3

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