Saturday, 20 August 2011

* I Am Off To Work *

A big hello dear readers!! How have you all been? 
I cannot believe that I am doing a post after some 10 days, and clearly I am very apologetic for the same. But I have a very HAPPY REASON to be away for quite some time now. And that HAPPY REASON is that I am employed...yayeeeee :D
I am one person who until some time was pretty much decided on not taking up a job any sooner (or later :p). Unlike many of my friends, I enjoyed a casual approach to life and never really worried that I have to work or weighed the pros and cons associated with the same. I quite enjoyed the creative space I lived in which involved very regular and some boring things (in that order), like, dressing up, shopping, hanging out with friends, visiting new spots even in the city I have lived in for ages, reading, watching re-runs of some of my favourite shows, gardening, sleeping (lots of it) and pretty much what you all must be doing.
But certainly being employed for over two weeks now :D:D:D, has changed my perception towards the above. I am starting to learn that a job doesn't mean an end to what you normally do or like to do, some thing I had so heard off in contrary. At least my job is proving to be a channel to throw in my creativity and in that process learn many wonderful and new things.
So, coming to talk what my job really is :) I am employed with an American concern named Iconoculture as a cultural fluent. My job involves writing observations on anything and everything that depicts consumer trends. This largely means now I do all that (Read dress up, shop, hang out with friends, visit new spots in my city, read, watch re-runs of my favourite shows to know what people or I actually like in them or do gardening) while I am on the job. 
Being proved wrong, sometimes, isn't that bad a feeling...isn't it?

Coming over to what we all love the, styles and good outfits :) I have stocked up all the outfits I wore over these days and can't wait to share the same with you :) 
The outfit I wore for this post is something i wore when interacting with girls from a city college (It is in fact the college I graduated from :) ) I felt the outfit very much appropriate for a girl's college plus I was able to give it a formal hint too. Also, it had rained quite a lot over the past three days making the weather quite pleasant, so I could carry off this outfit with ease.

Here's what I wore:

I wore a simple summer dress with a blazer. Its a trend we all have been seeing a lot over magazines and the blog world. The very inspiration for this outfit for me came from the trend encyclopedia  Stylepile. You can check out my Stylepile account by clicking on the widget on your right ::)

Multiple bracelets, cocktail ring and peep-toe slingbacks in suede completed my look. Adding a blazer is a good way to touch-up a casual outfit. No doubt, we are seeing a lot of this trend.


Summer Dress: Thrifted 
Blazer: Tailored
Peep-toe slingbacks: Local store in Chandigarh
Bracelets: Aldo
Ring: Thrifted

None of my pictures, sadly, do not include the bag I carried. Well with this outfit I carried my Victoria's Secret tote you see here.

So, how well do I wear this Stylepile - Inspired look?

P.S Though late A very Happy Independence Day to all my Indian readers. Jai Hind!!

Thank you for stopping by...


  1. Hi I was just about to post a comment on the previous blog that I am waiting for your new blog and then pooof!There it is !The new blog with some great news!My heartiest Congratulations to you and you deserve the best and i am sure you are doing agreat job and love it.And finally your attire looks amazing ,you are now a sexy,hugh profile career gal.awesome!good luck!and JAI HIND!xoxo

  2. You look beautiful!

  3. cute dress
    love the blazer

  4. very pretty!! i love the blue =)

  5. Congratulations!
    'Working' doesn't always mean you have to give up on things. It depends on the kind of job you have. In my old job i had to give up on everything.. my time, my sleep, even my health. But my current one is the exact opposite! :)
    Looking pretty chic in that blazer! Waiting to see more 'work-inspired' outfits from you! :)

  6. Loving the whole look....the blazer is so smart! :)
    Though I'd have gone for nude pumps with this...but then, that's just my opinion!

    P.S.: Your job sounds damn interesting!

  7. great combo , darling! love your dress! xooo

  8. Congratulations! :) I'm glad you're enjoying your job! The look is quite slick! Love how your blazer is so well tailored :)

  9. i love this outfit... you have nice legs also! i know you're such a beautiful girl...

  10. Congrats!! Looks like u've an interesting job..n i am luvin the blazer <3

  11. Heey:)) LOVE ur blog. its very nice. Wanna follow each other?

  12. wow i like ur blog .... ur dress is so cute i like its print ... now i am following u

  13. congrats fr ur job !! the job profile sounds sooo gudd !! It reminds me of the campus placements startng in few mnths at my college too.. I hope I get placed soon !! :D

    And coming back to your outfit-I loved your dress !! : )

  14. Hey girl,

    lovely outfit!!

    hajar et mounia
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  15. The blue is fantastic!

  16. That's a GREAT look. REally Really like it!

    ♡ from ©

  17. hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog! I feel the same. I want to work, but here in Albania it is really difficult for teens and they don't want to work, i mean of course most of them! A job has the cons and pros, but most important makes you feel older in the good way, makes you feel indepented financially, even earning just some money makes you feel good for reaching out by yourself!
    Thanks for the lovely post!
    xoxo Kiki

  18. gorgeous outfit! Love the colour!!

  19. cute outfit and love the dress!
    Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  20. Love your dress, smtimes its hard to believe all the great stuff we can find by trifting huh. Luv your blog agam. I hope we visit each other often. Following you.xoxo

  21. Agam, I am so glad that you dropped by my blog and gave me an opportunity to find yours :D your blog is just so awesome.. I read 4 posts and I really appreciate your sense of styling :)
    now coming to this post, I love the blazer...!!!! the Blair waldrof seem to has given it a new life to "the blazer" ..lucky you that you can wear them in Chandigarh's climate.. presently being at chennai, I just cant put them on :( well anyway, keep posting, :) and would be happy to see you drop by my blog again :)
    p.s: the dress is amazing too!!!

  22. congrats :)
    your dress is lovely <3

  23. the blazer + floral dress combo never fails to impress!
    u look lovely!

  24. love the way you pair girly dress with boyfriend blazer~

  25. cool!|! love it!!!

    xoxo from rome

  26. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comments over my blog and sorry for the late response, my computer has problems so it keeps turning off!
    Well first in Albania the work shifts needed are 2 long and teens can't work while school! In summer they choose not to work plus we don't have much works to do here! It is not like other countries when you can baby-site for your neighbor, in Albania if they ask you they don't give anything! Really pity for this! Well I'm talking mostly about Elbasan the city I live and thank god will move to Tirana the capital city this year! In Elbasan guys don't work cuz is a shame for them and they just walk streets and afternoon just keep hitting on girls and the city itself is really judging I would say, still such a pity! let's hope one day it could change! In Tirana is way different, but I will see it this year! Wish me luck!
    Well,these problems I guess are not just in Albania but other places 2!
    Hope you're having a great day!
    xoxo Kiki

  27. oh, why yes! i'm already following you babe! ;) hope you had a great weekend! muah!!

  28. love the combo! esp the blazer sweetie.

  29. congratz on your new job!
    and I love your dress plus blazer combo
    perfect for a first day at work!


  30. nice dress cutie :) im following back <3

    be in touch, check out my new post


  31. that dress is sooo pretty!!! love this look! :)