Friday, 22 June 2012

Where have you been??







OK...that question was for my Burgundy pants!! I am having the 'what should I write' kind of feeling today. Colored pants being a massive hit this Spring/ know that don't you? Fashion penetration?? As in how this trend traveled from the super-luxe to the high ends to like everywhere. Love for the sheer? Not much sheer to make up for this post. Love for 'Mint'? And how this mint bag was lying ignored in my closet. Or for that matter how these Burgundy pants were lying ignored in my closet for a while now? Should I move on to tell you about the weather? Or maybe had I worn this in my business school I would have been laughed at...OK no one did so but maybe fetched some glances. You know the atmosphere at business schools don't you? Flats, vintage earrings, favorite see that all!! Well, I guess my feeling was right. I am glad I skipped writing about it in merry sentences :)




Wearing - 

Shirt - Vintage Boutique (Dubai)
Pants - Wrangler
Bag - Nine West
Cuff - Forever 21
Earrings - Gifted 
Ballerina - H&M

P.S Now I have something to share - I was recently chosen as the 'LA FASHIONISTA' by!! This look  of mine received the maximum votes :D

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Fire In The Jungle

Shorts, without doubt are my absolute summer favorite. Hot-Pants, Cut-Offs, Bermudas, High-Waists or Mid Length...they occupy a supreme position in my wardrobe. This pair has been a strategic pick. (As.Strange.As.It.Might.Sound) I say so because I picked up this pair feeling that it would serve me a dual purpose - that of seeming like a skirt too!! (OK maybe from a distance but whatever!!) Also, I couldn't surpass this bold fact that these are floral...which might help you dig deeper into my Shorts-Skirt-Skirt-Shorts bid. With the rest of the outfit, I decided to keep it mellow and summery because I wished my Matryoshka doll pendent to take on the stage from here. 

I referred to this outfit post as the craziest till date on  Facebook and Twitter. As the story goes, my mom and I were running regular errands when we spotted this beautifully poised Gulmohar tree standing in the very center of a residential locality. My mom told me that this tree is in full bloom once in a year and because of its flamboyancy is called 'Fire In The Jungle'. This made me jump with every possible emotion that makes you do so, and cash on the beauty life of the tree. The next step was to strategically plan a shoot. So, to cut it short I grabbed my phone, pretended to shoot the tree, but managed a good outfit shoot for you. (Iphone 4S my best investment till date :D)


Poplin Shirt - ZARA
Shorts - Local Store (Chandigarh)
Ballerina's - Lifestyle (Delhi)
Bag - Vintage Shop (Dubai)
Matryoshka doll pendent - Forever 21
Horse Shoe Ring  - Forever 21
Green Ring - Thrifted (Delhi)

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Denim On Denim

Well..I shall be keeping this post short and crisp. That's because the more I communicate the closer I feel I will be to fall off the EDGE. Edge (read jitters) in terms of posting this outfit. The last I was this nervous anxious was when my High School (Standard 12, Boards) result was to be declared. For all those who wish to say "Ohhhh cmon the outfit looks perfect/good/fine" I'll like to tell you all that when I tried this outfit it looked good. When I wore this outfit it looked good. When I saw people noticing this outfit I was sure it looked good. And when I saw this outfit in pictures, I thought all throughout I looked stumpy. 
My blogger instinct says, "Girl you have a reputation to maintain."  All instincts other than those of keeping up that "status" say, "Make mistakes and get better!!"

P.S If you might as well wonder, I topped my High School!!

See me wear Denim here and here.

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