Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chunky Knits or Chunky Me?? POLL IT!!

Hello beautiful people!!

 Finally, today we caught a glimpse of the impending Spring in this part of the world..which for me was a quick reminder of all the winter-y, (multiple??) layered posts I am yet to show you guys and the countless outfits I have planned for spring. The only disadvantage of a 'Work-From-Home' job is that the number of outfits (as in the times you step out of your regular pajamas and sweatshirts) you get to flaunt fashionably is inversely proportional to the number of working days you have. I work more and I flaunt less :(:( 
Ohhhhh I got to sleep that extra hour without the dreadful fate of getting out of the blanket during those chilly winter mornings..I SEE MY GLASS FULL :D :D

This is  something I wore a week back. This outfit surely was high on the comfort factor considering the weather and was fairly decent on the fashion quotient too..that's what I thought until I saw these pictures!! (Roll down to know why)

Jeans - ZARA
Sweater - Thrifted
Muffler - Marks & Spencer
Cuff - Forever 21
Horse Shoe Ring (Debuting on the Blog) - Forever 21 
Pumps - Aldo

Thank you for stopping by...
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Friday, 10 February 2012

The Little Red Wonder!!

Honest (and kind) suggestions are more than welcome. For those who love seeing me in pictures, don't worry blog videos is something I won't do often (perhaps only the times my dearest photographer - my MOM is away!!) until I find someone who is pro at making one :D