Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New Found Love



I am stuck at believing that much like me you too chalk out your outfits before-hand. Indeed, I am someone who would decide on the what, when, where and how of an outfit at least two days before the 'scheduled event.' The very same happened with this outfit too. Except that whenever I tried it, I felt that the skirt was a little too huge for me or just wasn’t the right length. Until, the very moment dawned on me and this was the only tried and tested option available.

On finally wearing it, needless to say I fell in love with Mad Men again and was reminded of the 50’s, when full skirts epitomized fashion undergoing a ‘power’ revolution. What I came to love the most about Midi Skirts is that they are friendly enough to be molded into a classic symbol of femininity (Tip: A low hair bun  would perfectly complement this outfit. However, I choose to do my hair in a sleek pony-tail) as well as perfect to transform you into a retro chick. 


Shirt - Weekender
Midi Skirt - Thrifted (Delhi)
Pumps - Local Store (Chandigarh)
Bag - Nine West
Statement Necklace - TrimmingsAndLace
Bracelets - Aldo plus Gifted 

 P.S TrimmingsAndLace is the label for all self-designed and self-made pieces.

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Teal Trousers

How good/important is it to keep the 'outfit-variety' going on, on the blog? This is something that held me back for as my mind battled to decide that should I post what you would like (in terms of variety) or what I would like. Politically correct - I'll post what I had planned to with the hope that you shall like it too.


So if you are following me on Facebook (which by the way you should kindly do) you must be familiar to my raving and love for the so called "TEAL TROUSERS." Trousers were a rage on the Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 fashion runways. Be those from luxury brands like Emilio Pucci (this collection was my personal favorite), Hermes, Jason Wu, Jean Paul Gaultier or high-street brands like ZARA, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger or DKNY you could find them every where. 

The "Teal Trousers" in question were an Autumn buy too. I wore them to the Indian Grand Prix. Sadly, they are a little too late for their debut!!


Teal Trousers - TrimmingsAndLace
Top - ZARA
Statement Necklace - Claire's
Ring - Forever 21
Peep-Toes - Local Store (Chandigarh) 

P.S TrimmingsAndLace is the label for all self-designed and tailored pieces.

Jumping back to the 'variety concerns's I had a feeling that my blog was becoming trousers-full. Thus, a round up of all my trousers posts..See Variety?? (OK two words - Trousers and Variety off my vocab from some days now!!)

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Black & White


There are some outfits that never really scream 'OUTFIT POST'. But when you happen to wear them over and over again somewhere they do become special. That's the case with this outfit too. In my mind I definitely have worn this outfit about 4 times last year. The first time I went the classic way by wearing it with pearls and nude peep-toes since I was wearing it for a formal academic interaction. The second time I skipped the accessories and wore black flats since I was visiting the doctor. 

The third was with gold accessories during of the pre-Diwali fervor. And lastly, I remember adding red to the entire scheme. And this time I go Part-Boho for you. 
1 OUTFIT = 5 WAYS..I am climbing the stylist ladder..What do you think??
Spare me for an overdose of photographs..I couldn't prioritize..or call me LAZY :p

Trousers - Tailored
Lace Top - Thrifted (Dubai)
Fringe Bag - Gifted (here)
Golden Tie Ups - Thrifted (Delhi) (here)
Feather Earrings - Forever 21
Ring - Forever 21 (here)
Multi Strand Necklace - Splash (Dubai) (here)
Stone Necklace - Claire's (here)
Beaded Necklace - Gifted

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