Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New Found Love



I am stuck at believing that much like me you too chalk out your outfits before-hand. Indeed, I am someone who would decide on the what, when, where and how of an outfit at least two days before the 'scheduled event.' The very same happened with this outfit too. Except that whenever I tried it, I felt that the skirt was a little too huge for me or just wasn’t the right length. Until, the very moment dawned on me and this was the only tried and tested option available.

On finally wearing it, needless to say I fell in love with Mad Men again and was reminded of the 50’s, when full skirts epitomized fashion undergoing a ‘power’ revolution. What I came to love the most about Midi Skirts is that they are friendly enough to be molded into a classic symbol of femininity (Tip: A low hair bun  would perfectly complement this outfit. However, I choose to do my hair in a sleek pony-tail) as well as perfect to transform you into a retro chick. 


Shirt - Weekender
Midi Skirt - Thrifted (Delhi)
Pumps - Local Store (Chandigarh)
Bag - Nine West
Statement Necklace - TrimmingsAndLace
Bracelets - Aldo plus Gifted 

 P.S TrimmingsAndLace is the label for all self-designed and self-made pieces.

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  1. I absolutely love the dress that you are wearing. It is apt for summer months. How do you maintain your skin during the summers? I have very oily skin and maintaining my skin is a pain. I have heard that mint is very good for the skin and keeps it oil free. I recently came across Parachute's summerfresh body lotion that has mint. Want to give it a try. Should be good!

  2. I love love love your shoes...those pom poms are so cute!! That skirt is so pretty...waiting to see more skirt OOTDs from you this summer.

  3. Loving the mixed prints and those shoes are just darling!!!

  4. very cute shoes :)


  5. Loved the print mixing Agam!! Even though I love midi skirts, I am afraid to wear them as I think they'll make me look fat and short!! :O

    And hey I want to still that bag from you!! :D

  6. that is a cute summery dress!
    this is isha from chd, from: and the rest is history.
    planning to give a virtual surprise to my bestie through a new blog, that i made. would be glad if u dropped by the blog:
    and dropped your wishes! :)
    following you from the new blog. Would love a follow back! :)

  7. lovely mint bag :))
    would you like to follow each other?