Sunday, 27 September 2015

TrimmingsAndLace For Vajor : Building The Empire

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My second look (first, in case you missed) featuring the work-wear collection by Vajor, is a tribute to all you corporate, power women who often feel contained in the silhouette of shirts and trousers and the perceived world of monotones. The latest corporate collection at Vajor, covers this zone albeit very fashionably. From gorgeous pencil skirts to dresses, from subtly embellished peplum tops to as-good-as tailored trousers, this collection is bound to transform all the mundaneness to corporate chic-ness. Many of you might have concerns with wearing body-con figurations to their corporate workplace. I have repeatedly vouched for Vajor's understanding and quality when it comes to this. Their fabrics and cuts are extremely superior and beautifully shape enhancing. So if you are worried about any underlines or your natural shape in general, I bet this collection is definite to make you love your curves like never before. I kept this look very minimalistic and sleek. To avoid any lure to a complete black and white look, I added a subtle contrast by way of these reading glasses and these delicate stud earrings.

Wearing - 

Dress - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Glasses - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Earrings - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Bag - LIU JO
Sandals - River Island (here)

I hope you liked the look and are excited for the third. Well for those who follow me on Snapchat (TrimmingsNdLace), might already have a clue! 

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

TrimmingsAndLace For Vajor : Girl Boss

 photo _MG_7692copy copy_1.jpg  photo _MG_7767 copy_1.jpg  photo _MG_7897 copy_1.jpg  photo Re-Edit_1.jpg  photo _MG_7792 copy_1.jpg  photo _MG_7708 copy_1.jpg  photo _MG_7772 copy_1.jpg  photo _MG_7749 copy_1.jpg  photo _MG_7932 copy_1.jpg

Women and their work wear share a very symbolic relationship that has come of age. Work wear today, across our varied professional roles, is reflective of our choices, independent decision making and our capability to uphold and balance positions of power. Vajor has always rested its fashion ideology as an investment in statement and utility pieces. Vajor does apparels and accessories that are modern and structured, but find balance in the realms of femininity. The new Vajor work-wear collection is no different. The collection has been tastefully curated and thoughtfully categorized into - CreativeEntrepreneur and Corporate - to address women across multiple and dynamic career choices. The collection has been designed to include a mix of aesthetically pleasing body-con and ladylike silhouettes, structured layering pieces and preppy prints, warm neutrals and crispy colour palettes.element, which I felt pulled the look together without swaying away from the genre.  
The first in the series of these three looks is my take on the entrepreneurial tier, the role I portray in my own life. The pieces included in this genre are stylishly relaxed yet well-structured to convey a no-fuss and an I-mean-business attitude. Because the pieces in this category are minimalistic in their demeanor they give you the liability to dress up or dress down depending upon your schedules. In this very look, I paired this extremely comfortable powder blue linen shirt-dress with a pair of Ikat print sandals in the same shade. The printed sandals add a great textural contrast to the overall look. I styled this look for the day I am running in and out of meetings and it is necessary that my attire speaks professionalism but is comfortable to get me through the day. For another day, spent sourcing or conceptualizing, I would prefer pairing the dress with these amazing oxfords. A strong red-lip for contrast, a pair of sexy sunglasses and an effortless bag to hold your on-the-go necessities, this look is for those of you who like spending their day out of a fashion editor’s closet. 


Wearing - 

Shirt-Dress - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Sandals - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Bag - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Sunglasses - c/o Vajor (Shop)
Earrings - Thrifted (here)
Belt - ZARA (here)
On my lips - M.A.C Lady Danger

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

TrimmingsAndLace For Meraki : Talking Aesthetics

 photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 8_04.09.2015 9.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 8_04.09.2015 7.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 8_04.09.2015 5.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 8_04.09.2015 10.jpg  photo Edited.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 8_04.09.2015 8.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 8_04.09.2015 6.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 8_04.09.2015 3.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 8_04.09.2015 1.jpg
Shot By - Sahil Nanda

Among the many valuable lessons my blogging career has taught me so far, the one I consider as the most vital - is to not forget the start. The start of a dream, the start of a passion and the start of its journey. And this is what makes any project that I work on as aesthetically relevant. For me any collaboration doesn't stop at cohesion in style ideologies but at the spark and belief in the dreams, the ones with which I started and the ones with which I wake up each day.

I fell in love with Pallavi's work the very day I came across it on Instagram - (@meraki_by_pallavikandoi). For me her work is a reflection of fluidity in technique and simplicity in heritage. From vibrant tie and dyes to delicate marble prints, Meraki curates pieces that are simple yet flattering in their silhouette. Further, you have an option to completely customize your piece depending upon your style and colour preferences.

The Order of Unusual Pairings

3 Things That Will Transition Any Summer Look To Fall

In a reflex, I am drawn towards anything blue. But for the feature, I chose this flamboyant red tie and dye maxi dress. It is always rewarding to style contemporary cuts with traditional jewellery, which is why I opted for these Patiala-sahara earrings which also rendered an element of contrast. To keep the cultural dynamics flowing, I finished the look with a pair of juttis and the classic wing-eye.

Lately, I have been having a resurgence in terms of my love for street photography. For me, this concept captures the unadulterated essence and rawness of a moment, something which is much reminiscent of our culture in prints, textiles and today in Meraki's designs.

Wearing - 

Dress - c/o Meraki (also love this one)
Earrings - Mom's
Juttis - Local Shop (Muktsar, Punjab)
Bangles - Thrifted (worn here)

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