Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Codes And Colour

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We all are aware of that one old saying, " Nothing works better than basic denims and a crisp white shirt." Apparently, for reasons unknown to me, its the standard answer provided by almost all celebrities and fashion forwards when asked about their favourite outfit. It is so cliché yet SO TRUE. When in doubt, this outfit indeed works the best for you. But if you guys too follow my Somethings Are Never Just Basic philosophy, I am sure you would like the pop of COLOUR I infused in this CODE.

 I paired my regular denims with a white poplin shirt. I tied this beautiful printed scarf in blue and white as a bow. I added colour with this large Hobo bag (It is indeed large, it carries my laptop as well :p), ballerina flats and my super cute hearts bracelet (Its actually a neck - piece worn as a bracelet). You can check out how I wore a different shade of it here.  


Jeans from Lycra
Poplin Shirt from ZARA
Bag from Mango
Ballerina flats from a local store in Chandigarh
The scarf is thrifted from Mumbai
Hearts Neck - piece is gifted :)

My blog so far has never seen a product review. However I just want to share with you a wonderful product I discovered today. It was meant to be a quick pick from the department store but it surely left me excited and happier today. I am talking of the new range of Body Wash from LUX. I recently picked up their 'Scarlet Blossom' body wash. Its rich in colour (It's *Violet*) and the texture has a fine pearl finish. But what impressed me the most was the fragrance. The fragrance completely, entirely swept my senses. It claims to be scented with Egyptian Violets and Elemi Oil, but after using it all I could think of was sum luxe spas in Bali or Egypt maybe. And certainly the fragrance does lingers. A spa experience in a wouldn't mind that, would you? 

The 250ml bottle costs Rs. 99 which makes it a great me!!

If you go on to try this, I would love to know your views as well :)

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Vogue India - Fashion's Night Out!!

Hey all you beautiful people!!

I am very sure you must have read in length what the Vogue Fashion's Night Out is all about and must have seen pictures of it on many wonderful blogs. Clearly I do not intend to detail you about the same. You know it all!! Sadly because of some last minute plan clashes, I was unable to travel to Delhi and attend the event. So, leaving you with images of this fashion extravaganza..thanks to my darling sister!! *Love*

DLF Emporio on The Day

Beautiful Display created with Burberry's newly launched fragnance - Burberry Body

The Classic Burberry Trench - I am guessing its from the recent Burberry Nude Collection..So Wow!!

VOGUE's - The Shawl Project

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of the event!!

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Sunday, 11 September 2011


The warmest hello to all my lovely readers!! 

I have been so MIA all this while...blame it on my 'job' cells which are running very active these days :p thanks to a very interesting project that is going on with Channel V. So I have been writing a lot of reviews / editing responses and blah..and that did leave me with time enough to simply upload my outfit pictures, without talking in length about them, but ya then I chose to be a little wiser and consider QUALITY over QUANTITY.

Off late I am seeing or rather feeling a 'seasonal' change in me towards many things in life. I mean these are things I always had a preference for but they are suddenly assuming the 'top picks' in my brain order.
In no particular order, I enlist a few such things that are finding a prominent place in my palette as I go along showing you a very basic yet strong (in terms of contrast) outfit, I wore this week!

1. ZARA has always been one of my favourite brands. However, these days I am having a ZARA fetish as I look for all things ZARA.
2. I am drifting towards being experimental when it comes to my outfits. I am moving beyond the usual patterns and combination's and even accessories that I used to wear. This in entirely credited to the wonderful fashion blogs I come across.
3. I am also liking to dress Boho kinds. You will find that a lot in my upcoming posts.
4. I am so enjoying styling and giving fashion tips to all my friends and even family members. Its good to know that your opinion is respected and more so ACCEPTED :D

5. Maybe its that time of the year when all the anticipated movies hit the screens or something, but I am turning into a movie buff. I wont say I have seen all the latest movies but that doesn't shift focus from the fact that I am wanting to see all the latest ones!
6. Usually boring when it came to holidays, these days I cannot stop dreaming of a perfect holiday :(
7. I am so high on planning surprises these days..and those can be for just about anyone :p Can't wait to stand up and scream the perfect "SSSSUUUURRRRPPPPRRRRIIIIZZZZEEEE!"
8. I am suddenly digging onto eating more of fish these days. Trust me it does wonders to your skin and hair :)

9. I so wanna try owning and wearing an all out sequin dress in gold (Read Serena in the very first episode of Gossip girl!!).
10. Having been to Delhi a million times, I so wanna explore it all the more now. Blame it on the battery on movies that are showing Delhi in such a pleasant way.
11. I am learning a lot bout Formula Racing these days. India hosts its first ever international Grand Prix which I shall proudly be I am doing my bit in learning what the sport really is.
12. Not a make-up person AT ALL, I am beginning to know of the kind of products available on the shelf and also keen on trying some of them.

This brings me to show you a glimpse of my recent 'make-up' (its really a basic lip gloss (s), don't know if that qualifies to be called as make-up :p) pick which so aptly matches with my outfit:

My hot Pink and Orange outfit includes:

T-Shirt: ZARA
Tank (worn underneath): Thrifted
Trousers: Vibe
Neck-piece: Splash (Dubai)
Bangle: Thrifted
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Flats: Thrifted (Dubai)
On my nails: Revlon 404 Siren
Gloss: GAP

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