Sunday, 11 September 2011


The warmest hello to all my lovely readers!! 

I have been so MIA all this while...blame it on my 'job' cells which are running very active these days :p thanks to a very interesting project that is going on with Channel V. So I have been writing a lot of reviews / editing responses and blah..and that did leave me with time enough to simply upload my outfit pictures, without talking in length about them, but ya then I chose to be a little wiser and consider QUALITY over QUANTITY.

Off late I am seeing or rather feeling a 'seasonal' change in me towards many things in life. I mean these are things I always had a preference for but they are suddenly assuming the 'top picks' in my brain order.
In no particular order, I enlist a few such things that are finding a prominent place in my palette as I go along showing you a very basic yet strong (in terms of contrast) outfit, I wore this week!

1. ZARA has always been one of my favourite brands. However, these days I am having a ZARA fetish as I look for all things ZARA.
2. I am drifting towards being experimental when it comes to my outfits. I am moving beyond the usual patterns and combination's and even accessories that I used to wear. This in entirely credited to the wonderful fashion blogs I come across.
3. I am also liking to dress Boho kinds. You will find that a lot in my upcoming posts.
4. I am so enjoying styling and giving fashion tips to all my friends and even family members. Its good to know that your opinion is respected and more so ACCEPTED :D

5. Maybe its that time of the year when all the anticipated movies hit the screens or something, but I am turning into a movie buff. I wont say I have seen all the latest movies but that doesn't shift focus from the fact that I am wanting to see all the latest ones!
6. Usually boring when it came to holidays, these days I cannot stop dreaming of a perfect holiday :(
7. I am so high on planning surprises these days..and those can be for just about anyone :p Can't wait to stand up and scream the perfect "SSSSUUUURRRRPPPPRRRRIIIIZZZZEEEE!"
8. I am suddenly digging onto eating more of fish these days. Trust me it does wonders to your skin and hair :)

9. I so wanna try owning and wearing an all out sequin dress in gold (Read Serena in the very first episode of Gossip girl!!).
10. Having been to Delhi a million times, I so wanna explore it all the more now. Blame it on the battery on movies that are showing Delhi in such a pleasant way.
11. I am learning a lot bout Formula Racing these days. India hosts its first ever international Grand Prix which I shall proudly be I am doing my bit in learning what the sport really is.
12. Not a make-up person AT ALL, I am beginning to know of the kind of products available on the shelf and also keen on trying some of them.

This brings me to show you a glimpse of my recent 'make-up' (its really a basic lip gloss (s), don't know if that qualifies to be called as make-up :p) pick which so aptly matches with my outfit:

My hot Pink and Orange outfit includes:

T-Shirt: ZARA
Tank (worn underneath): Thrifted
Trousers: Vibe
Neck-piece: Splash (Dubai)
Bangle: Thrifted
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Flats: Thrifted (Dubai)
On my nails: Revlon 404 Siren
Gloss: GAP

Thank you for stopping by...


  1. Hot pink never fails to impress me! :)

    Those lip glosses look cute! Even I'm a complete no-makeup person, except for my dash of kohl & nude lip gloss...

  2. love ur tee !! and hey u must explore delhi- M loving it tooo !! :D

  3. great color combo!!fushia and red work so well together!!I'm zara obsessed too but working on sticking to my 'alternative clothing' only resolution :)

  4. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me! I unpacked my clothes and tomorrow is my first day in high school, wish me luck!
    Great post, love the combination and the colorful bracelet is so cute!
    Hope you're having a great night!

    New post:

    xoxo Kiki

  5. cute top! love its color! :)

  6. I agree with the experimenting and giving tips point. Being exposed to different fashion blogs opens up a whole new box of ideas! Now I put together outfits that I wouldn't even hav dreamed of wearing an year back!

    And it was always my elder sis who would comment on my clothes and tell me 'what to wear with what'. Now she came home aft a gap of 2 yrs and she's already decided that am taking her shopping and buying her stuff of my choice!

    And am always dreaming of a perfect holiday :(
    nice outfit! love the combo of red and hot pink! :)

  7. The GAP lipgloss is so adorable =]


  8. Love your ruched top... Fits so good and you look so good on it...
    Maid of Honor - Mehendi

  9. thanks for commenting!! love your necklace :D I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3
    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

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    like this: #! / pages/My-free-choice/156958107665368

    twitter: Erika_Boldrin

  11. nice color combo, i love the detail of the shoulder too :)

  12. i really like how you paired the pink with orange! its so pretty!!

  13. great necklace!
    visit my blog:)

  14. sorry, google didnt work sth. im now ur follower!!

    kisses darling!!! :DDD

  15. aah.. the sleeves of the top make it so exceptional.. I love it Agam..thumbs up!!

  16. the Fuschia top
    U look so adorable!

  17. That colour is just gorgeous. It just 'pops'.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    little lace birdies on the course