Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Vogue India - Fashion's Night Out!!

Hey all you beautiful people!!

I am very sure you must have read in length what the Vogue Fashion's Night Out is all about and must have seen pictures of it on many wonderful blogs. Clearly I do not intend to detail you about the same. You know it all!! Sadly because of some last minute plan clashes, I was unable to travel to Delhi and attend the event. So, leaving you with images of this fashion extravaganza..thanks to my darling sister!! *Love*

DLF Emporio on The Day

Beautiful Display created with Burberry's newly launched fragnance - Burberry Body

The Classic Burberry Trench - I am guessing its from the recent Burberry Nude Collection..So Wow!!

VOGUE's - The Shawl Project

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of the event!!

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  1. wow,it looks amazing <3
    Check our my new post about Clinique :)

  2. wow, looks fun!!! hope you had a great time!


  3. wow!!! I missed d event yaa !! Feel sad now after having looked at the pictures !! : (

  4. I wish I could have attended too! :(
    It looks amazing in the pictures! Hmmm...there's always a next time!

  5. Hey Sweety, finally Even I decided to start a Fashion Blog. Hope it goes on well. I will need your sweet support
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  6. ooh
    glamorous event!


  7. b.e.a.utiful!!
    lovely blog - im following :)

    - <3

  8. Likewise Agam!! Looking forward in reading and checking out the rest of your blog! def. checkout mine. wow this is in India! how exciting I'll be in India next March!!!!