Thursday, 30 June 2011

Travel (V)ogue - II

Hello Dearies..

So here comes the second edition of my travelogue series. Well I know I am not writing the most anticipated or "watch-out-for" travelogue, but here's hoping you guys enjoy it as much as I do. 

First things first, in this post I am gonna cheat a bit.YES and that's by making it an outfit post as well (Yaayyyeeeeee / aaarrrggghhhhh ???????) See I truly am so moved by this unexplainable joy of putting together garments and the entire idea of coming up with what is termed as "FASHIONABLE"; that I just couldn't resist. I know my fellow fashion bloggers would know how it feels. 


There are also two major reasons attached to my cheating:

1. I had been feeling from my previous post or two, that my outfits looked bland since I wore no nail colour. After days of looking about, I found my desired shade of ORANGE :D:D:D and I wore it so couldn't wait to share it with you (I hope you see it in the pics :( :( ) I am so thrilled on wearing it and so happy to have found it. My bbm status reads "Is Loving the Orange" and its been there for 30 hours now :)

2. I happened to call this as my sailor outfit (Notice the scarf in my neck???) so thought of posting it in the travelogue series :) Do you like my Hair-do??

Wearing: Teal Top Next, Navy Blue Bermuda shorts (with strawberry print :)) Local store, Scarf and Orange cuff Thrifted, Ballerina New York, Sunglasses Forever 21. On my nails Revlon 404 Siren.

So as promised, bringing to you an insight into my vacation. Day 2 we happened to visit a place called Naldera which is about an hour's drive from Shimla, The stark elemental beauty of this place is truly unmatched. It is densely covered by trees (and monkeys) but is very accessible since the environment is well controlled. So there we were amidst the forests with such innate natural beauty, extending as far as the eye could see.
Naldera also has one of the highest and the oldest nine hole golf course. Though I do not know how to play the game, but seeing my Dad and Sister play in one of the most beautiful golf courses was indeed wonderful.
Here's what I wore that day :

Wearing: Red-check pants Local Store, T-shirt Hard Rock Cafe, Socks Aldo, Shoes Converse, Watch Swatch.

All through I wore a light cardigan (from Bershka) to keep me warm.

Leaving you guys with a few of my favourite pictures from the day:

I hope you liked my post :)

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Travel (V)ogue - I

Hello all..How are you?
Well I am clearly on an experimentation spree, so as I mentioned here I bring to you this post as a travelogue of the vacation I recently undertook. This particular vacation wasn't a fancy "WE ARE ON A HOLIDAY" kinds to the lands of Europe or anything even more fancier, but it was after years that I went on a vacation with my entire extended family which indeed was no less than what is described as fancy.
It is so very true, that the years of growing up with all the pressures of studying, career and relationships do take away from you the little joys you experienced as kids, like:

1. The fun and giggles of four sisters staying in a hotel room and instructed to get dressed on time :)
2. The joy of running so fast that you start feeling like you are flying.
3. The non-stop singing of songs without caring whether you sing the right words or in the right melody.
4. Going up-down the hotel lift, as if it was the best human invention of the era you are a part off.
5. Scaring your brother(s) in the middle of the night by ringing their room bell, and the eventual hiding with those hush-hush talks, plans and ya the uncontrollable giggles.
6. Non-Stop clicking of pictures with some weirdest of expressions.
7. Getting wet in the rain amidst the clouds and cherishing rain as a true natural wonder.
8. Eating Ice-Cream in the middle of the cold night, on a swing from where you see the entire city.
9. Playing cards till late at night.
10. Eating warm Gulab-jamuns on a quiet, foggy, chilly evening :)
11. Sharing clothes...:D
12. Those sisterly talks and secrets till the wee hours of the morning and so much more!!

Family Vacation indeed is an experience you cherish for a lifetime...

So, coming over to where I went which is Shimla. Shimla, as you might be knowing is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and was declared the summer capital of India during the British Raj. Chandigarh is the nearest major city to this hill station, offering its residents a quick get-away. Shimla also referred to as the "Queen of Hills" is famous for its architecture dating back to the colonial era and the traditions and cultures which stand manifested by the British Raj. The same is reflected in its art and sounds and also in some great vintage shops located at the very famous Mall Road which I had the chance of visiting. I have been quite a frequent visitor to this place, but being there with the family made it a fresher experience. 
My personal style on this vacation remained very relaxed ( I shall share with you my Travel Style Tips in the next post, so stay tuned :):) ) and being one of those people who feel so very cold, I wasn't playing risky.

Here's a look at a few pictures from Day 1:

I wore a simple, pleated georgette vintage top with jeans and canvas ballerina's. I feel very cold so had to wear socks. I wore denim earings from H&M and carried this sparkling golden bag which I got with my copy of Vogue that housed my knick knacks :)

The city at night!!

I hope you enjoyed my post and would come back for more :)

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Girl and The Leopard

"A leopard does not change his spots, or change his feelings that spots are rather a credit."
Ivy Compton - Burnett

So there comes a day in our lives, when after a long, hectic day all we seek is the comfort of our heavenly bed. BUT suddenly you get a call. This call has the power to spin all your plans when echoes, " Hey..I am in Chandigarh for today, lets catch up for dinner." You look helplessly towards that bed but you also know that a friend who is visiting town for just one day and is so gracious enough to meet you, is worth missing all those extra hours of sleep. Well that is exactly what happened to me a few days back!! Sorry, I couldn't be more dramatic :p

When encountered with a situation like this which is so time bound (as in I hardly got time to get dressed) my first instinctive reaction is : OHH MY GOD, I DO NOT HAVE ANY CLOTHES. This is followed by some rhetorical WHY's which continue till the very last moment you step out and leave home.    

Does that happen with you as well?? 

Its quite obvious that I wasn't much dressy that very day but still, I did click pictures of what I wore ( I am learning the art :) ). My look was very basic and thus I thought of making this post a-kinda tutorial as to how you can glam that basic look and perhaps make it more chic.    

Here's a look as to how I dressed:    

1.BELT: The first add-on which can enhance this look is a belt. The belt would help structure the outfit. Also since I wear a leopard top with a high waist skirt, the belt would define the two items. I pick the following belts: 


2. SHOES: Though I was happy wearing the mid-heel pumps, I would pick the following kinds of footwear which can totally uplift this outfit and make it glamorous:

Among these, my first pick would definitely be the ZARA sandals you see on the bottom-right corner, followed by the ZARA peep-toes on the top left.

3. CLUTCH: With the entire outfit, I carried my patent Louis Vuitton clutch, but here's my wish list of what I would have liked to carry. Obvious to say Gucci tops the list:

4. ACCESSORIES: I completed the look with black onyx droplet earings. I personally feel that with an outfit like this, its safer to wear one statement piece of jewelery because that ways the print you wear remains in focus and looks bolder. If you choose to wear earings, you can skip the bracelets/cuffs on your wrists and vice versa. Keeping the jewelery simple, one can add accessories to the hair. Also one can do their lips and nails in rich crimson. Here's my pick:

I shall await your valuable suggestions :)
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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Candy and Cropped

Hello all!! How are my gorgeous followers doing? I hope everyone's having a wonderful blessed life :)

I admit on not having kept you guys posted for quite a while now and that's clearly because I have been out on an amazing family vacation!! I really want to share with you all how my family holiday was like so please do come back for the same :):)

So, there is no doubting the fact that all girls tend to have a soft PINK corner. The reading needle may swing from a HOT PINK to a subtle OLD ROSE but the underlying love for this candy colour remains intact.

I personally adore all the shades this colour brings and thats exactly what I wanted to explore with this very outfit of mine. Having read quite much on how the trend of cropped pants is back with a bang I incorporated the same in my look :)
Here's a look:

I experimented a little with this very look by adding red to the entire cast. It doesn't impart a contrast and we definitely cannot call it a similar you guys need to tell me how well does it work?

The accessories for this look were kept very minimal. I wore my watch (in Pink :D), carried my super size clutch (in pink :D:D ) and wore simple solitaires. I some where wanted the red to do the talking!!

I have adored as to how Sarah Jessica Parker carried her super size clutch (I guess I should stop calling it that and know what it actually is called) in Sex and the City and couldn't help pose like that as well :p

Coral Pink Top from Uni Style Image
Cropped Pants ???? I bought them in standard 7th. :p
Red Peeptoes from Marie Claire
Watch D&G
Red Belt and Coral Pink Clutch Thrifted

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dots and Dates

Hey Dearies!!

Well I am super excited doing this post. My SUPER EXCITEMENT has no apparent reason except for the fact that I wore polka dots over lunch with cousins and friends today. So why are the polka dots, lunch, cousins and friends making me excited? Hmmm Here's why:

1. The polka dots top I wore today has been designed by me.
2. I wore it last on the 14th of June 2010, while shopping with my favourite person in Dubai.
3. My cousins, mentioned friends and me all went to the same school. So we all are batchmates, seniors, super seniors which makes us a fun gang!!
4. I digged into my favourite Pasta al Pomodoro in delicious red sauce after quite a while. I had it last on 8th June 2011 at a different restaurant though. I am pro at remembering dates.
5. Gossips and meaningful conversations were accompanied by many rounds of green apple sodas, peach ice tea, fresh lime and mocha's :)

My outfit for the day was very basic...have a look :

I like the little detail added on this blouse with opposite coloured trimmings on the front and back, running in the shades of hot pink and orange. I deeply regret not wearing a nail colour in either of these shades (which by the way I am going gaga over these days) which kinda makes the look bland :(

I wore orange peep - toes though:

My entire look came out like this:

Do you guys remember my bag from here.

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Neon Rush - Take 2

A big big big hello my dear followers :) How are things going on for all of you?

I am choosing to make this post a FEEDBACK POST which makes me wait with bated breath for your responses. I request your feedback on two things:

1. My outfit for this post - believe you me I am a lot jittery about it.
2. Since now I am a two month old blogger, how would you describe my style? Voting time...
(You can vote by following the widget on the right bottom)

Coming over to my outfit for the day. If you guys remember my Neon Inspiration this very post also stems from the same. I have worn this look a couple of times before and I am finally sharing the same with you guys. I have to admit that I took on this look from India's answer to Blake Lively a.k.a Sonam Kapoor. No matter how much she is pushed for trying to be all reel Serena and real Blake Lively...I do think that the lass herself does have a good sense of style!!  

The Style I talk about is - HIGH WAIST PANTS!! 
 Here's how I wear this super comfortable look in Neon:

So you remember my neon tank from Promod. I wore the same with these high waist pants bought from a local store in Chandigarh. My mother was generous enough to trust me with her Louis Vuitton tote :)
The accessories:

I accessorized the look by wearing my leaf pendant chain from Forever 21. I also belted the pants with a metallic flexi belt in gold plus I wore my mom's dress watch and bracelet set in gold and rubies :) On my feet I wear these leopard printed loafers from Atmosphere!!

I have for you the high waist pants look as worn by Blake Lively and Sonam Kapoor!! I guess we all can contemplate as to who inspires whom :*

Isn't Sonam Kapoor's Ferragamo tote in Pic 1 and Blake Lively's pumps to die for??

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