Monday, 13 June 2011

Neon Rush - Take 2

A big big big hello my dear followers :) How are things going on for all of you?

I am choosing to make this post a FEEDBACK POST which makes me wait with bated breath for your responses. I request your feedback on two things:

1. My outfit for this post - believe you me I am a lot jittery about it.
2. Since now I am a two month old blogger, how would you describe my style? Voting time...
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Coming over to my outfit for the day. If you guys remember my Neon Inspiration this very post also stems from the same. I have worn this look a couple of times before and I am finally sharing the same with you guys. I have to admit that I took on this look from India's answer to Blake Lively a.k.a Sonam Kapoor. No matter how much she is pushed for trying to be all reel Serena and real Blake Lively...I do think that the lass herself does have a good sense of style!!  

The Style I talk about is - HIGH WAIST PANTS!! 
 Here's how I wear this super comfortable look in Neon:

So you remember my neon tank from Promod. I wore the same with these high waist pants bought from a local store in Chandigarh. My mother was generous enough to trust me with her Louis Vuitton tote :)
The accessories:

I accessorized the look by wearing my leaf pendant chain from Forever 21. I also belted the pants with a metallic flexi belt in gold plus I wore my mom's dress watch and bracelet set in gold and rubies :) On my feet I wear these leopard printed loafers from Atmosphere!!

I have for you the high waist pants look as worn by Blake Lively and Sonam Kapoor!! I guess we all can contemplate as to who inspires whom :*

Isn't Sonam Kapoor's Ferragamo tote in Pic 1 and Blake Lively's pumps to die for??

Thank you for stopping by...


  1. Arghhh! I love high waist pants, just need the waist to carry em off.
    I am drooling over all the 3 outfits.


  2. Hey! Of course I'll follow u!
    And love this post, I'm a sucker for all things high waisted!
    And of course my style envy Blake lively! So fab


  3. Nice look! It suits you perfectly :)
    And i voted! :)

  4. I think you've nailed the look pretty well dear! Loving your neon tank...& peopard print loafers...
    And Sonam Kapoor absolutely rocks it!!! :)

  5. i like your bag! :) really beautiful!
    and Blake Lively as always looks perfect:)

  6. Yayeeee...Thank you girls for being so charmingly supportive :)

  7. Love the neon tank :) The look's gorgeous!

  8. i love the neon color - brights great for summer
    thanks for the comment on my post and for following
    i like your blog - so will follow you as well. thanks!

  9. You are looking awesome! Love the top! :)

    ♥ from ©

  10. Thank u!!
    @ Yajaira: I am sorry hun..I am not able to access your profile :(

  11. hey the look is really lovely.. and the way you accessorized it, is awesome!!! I would need a little help from you.. i was coming to chandigarh looking for formals and i want a high waist formal pant can you suggest any good stores. it would be a great help :)

  12. Hey Surbhi..Thank you for stopping by my blog. Its great that you are visiting Chandigarh. Well you can check out the usual branded stores in Sector 17. For normal formal wear Wills and Allen Solly are the best. You can surely dig Van Heusen as well. For High waist pants in specific you can check Tommy Hilfiger, Espirit and a multi brand store called Kapsons. This store houses all brands like FCUK, CK, Diesel etc. All these stores are located in Sector 17 itself.
    Besides you can see designer boutiques in Sector 10 (Mickey Chhabra in particular) and Sector 26. Some shops in Sector 10 also house stuff from Bangkok and Singapore so it might be helpful.
    For more information..shoot me an email at

  13. hey can you please tell me where are Sonam kapoors pants and top from? thanks :)

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