Thursday, 2 June 2016

TrimmingsAndLace For VAPH : Resurrection of Sorts

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For me the beauty of fashion lies, broadly, across two lengths - one being the utilitarian aspect of it and the other being the constant resurrection of the wardrobe staples. The same comes up with my second fashion feature story with VAPH.. Much like my maiden love with the Isabella Loafers, these Andrea (Salmon) sneakers instantly called out to me. Besides the gorgeousness in design and the finesse in skill, what really stood out for me on the day of the shoot was the comfort factor that came in with these shoes. The shoot literally had us walking endlessly from one end to the other in search of the sun, it had us running, jumping and skidding away to get a perfect shot, but this loyal pair didn't cringe a bit.

Taking inspiration from the fashion divas across the globe, I paired these on-trend-point sneakers with overalls sourced from Stalk Buy Love that lent a hipster vibe to the look, while the classic red lips and them sunglasses bought in the glamourous charm of the 70s. If you are a 90s kid, you definitely would remember having a love-hate relationship with the overalls. They either were your go-to wardrobe piece when you wished to dress up like the Rachel Greens of the world or there were times when they remained confined to the zones of farmers and toddlers. Irrespective of the sides you were on, the good news coming from the fashion radar is that this perfect hybrid of a comfortable pair of trousers and an uber glamourous jumpsuit has had a glorious comeback. Further, I decided to keep the other elements of the look minimal and added some statement jewellery pieces and this fringe bag for effect.

Wearing -

Overalls - Stalk Buy Love 
Tank Top - Thrifted (Way Back Here)
Sneakers - c/o VAPH (Shop)
(Check-out the latest Vagabond collection)
Bag - Gifted
Sunglasses - Miss Bennett (here)
Ring - Vajor
Cuff - The Trunk Label 

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