Tuesday, 29 December 2015

TrimmingsAndLace For Fervour : Complexity Amidst Simplicity

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In an environment where everything - from societies in general to industries in particular -  is a live-wire and is constantly evolving, the complexity is in the simplicity. Fashion as a genre is expanding exponentially and each day has a newer dimension to adopt and follow. The challenge herein remains to perfect the classic and better the simple. Something as timeless as a black and white outfit can have multiple layers when it comes to styling and representation. That basically was my challenge, when this gorgeously ruffled Dsquared2 blouse was sent to me by the wonderful team at Fervour. Fervour is a Bangalore based luxury house that shelves and retails a number of luxury brands - from Dsquared2 to Marc Jacobs, from Nina Ricci to Iceberg - all under one roof. For the longest time ever, the Indian connect with these luxury brands has rested in the hands of holiday travels and visiting relatives. Thankfully, with houses like Fervour, luxury indeed is at our doorsteps. Not to miss mentioning, all apparels and accessories retailed are one hundred percent originals.

On receiving this top, my reflex response was that how difficult can it be to style a white top. A printed skirt or a pair of shorts with a bright blazer, anything would work. But once I began playing with these ideas in my dressing room, I realized that the challenge herein lied in keeping the look simple and letting the structure and details of the blouse speak for themselves. Which is why, the entire concept of this post is positioned to reflect a play of textures than merely a styling endeavour. These sandals and cuff, I feel, added another dimension to the entire look and incorporated a sense of directional contrast to the look. Finally, not to let go colour completely, I added the mini Dsquared2 cross-body bag from Fervour again.

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I hope you like my take on the obvious. I am thrilled to be announcing the Fervour-Iceberg giveaway winner on my Instagram. Make sure you check that to find yourself getting lucky. And, don't forget to follow Fervour - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Wearing - 

Ruffled Top - Dsquared2 c/o Fervour
Pants - Tailored
Bag - Dsquared2 c/o Fervour
Sandals - ALDO (here)
Cuff - Vajor
Earrings - Mom's 
On my nails - Mischievous in 455 by Revlon

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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

That Bride-To-Be

 photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 10_04.09.2015 1.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 10_04.09.2015 3.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 10_04.09.2015 11.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 10_04.09.2015 12.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 10_04.09.2015 13.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 10_04.09.2015 15.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 10_04.09.2015 5.jpg  photo Trimmings and Lace_Sector 10_04.09.2015 14.jpg

Undeniably, the charm of getting dressed for a wedding is unparalleled. Even though there can be times when your presence at every wedding of the season becomes necessary which in turn makes dressing up a chore, largely the whole fanciness around a wedding and dressing up for the same remains...well fancy. However, there is a harshly subtle reality to the whole wedding dressing scenario. The reality states that dressing up is always easy and weddings are always fun when they belong to someone else. Having been the bride's sister a year ago and the bride-to-be myself, I can assure you that wedding planning isn't as glamorous as it seems to be or can be as organized as the Pinterest time tables prescribe. Work-out wears become OOTD and missed meals become the order of the day. Nonetheless, each moment of it all is overwhelming and divine. I feel truly blessed to be at this stage of my life and am certainly looking forward to all that is to come. And I shall surely see you around!

Outfit - Plumtin Chandigarh (Wore this for my sister's wedding) (Similar)
Jewellery - Mom's
Kolapuri Wedges - Jabong.com

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

TrimmingsAndLace For Chumbak : That World Of Colour

 photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-1-2.jpg  photo 2015-12-02.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-9.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-32.jpg  photo ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif  photo 2015-12-022.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-6.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-4.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-27.jpg  photo TrimmingsandLace_20.11.2015-13.jpg

For any artist, I believe, eclecticism is a challenging side of the curve to be at. Your art must thrive in its exclusiveness but at the same time must resonate with the ideologies of your audience at large. For any artist to establish this reasoning as his identity is surely a feat. But to diversify and divulge and reinvent and yet remain grounded to the aesthetics is a sign of greatness. For me the husband-wife duo, the curators, the visionaries and the artists at Chumbak fit this definition like no other. Chumbak’s entrepreneurial journey that started five years ago has always been an inspiration to me. Mainly because, it isn’t any rags to riches story that fits the texts of a case study but a narration of how far your dreams and your belief in them can take you. It is a story of what passions are made of and how sometimes it’s all about that one plunge.

The same came this October when Chumbak ventured into the apparel segment with the launch of Collection One. Collection One is your entree into Chumbak’s world of design, colour and print. Not to miss, the quintessential dose of insanity that is associated with Chumbak. So expect a whole new take on space, ocean, Pixel Art and food, all manifested into a fashion line, that has been designed to start conversations that never end and even when they do they end in smiles. 

Unlike most of my posts, I didn’t shoot this look with a prior brief or perspective in mind. My only agenda was to have fun at the shoot and celebrate the genre of outfits that I haven’t really worn before. The designs and prints have an inherent playfulness to them, which automatically gets infused into you. And that is pretty much what happened to me during the shoot. So there were twirls and pouts, jumps and misses, hair flips and virtual kisses, ankle twists and laughs and a leap into this new sea of fashion. 

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Wearing - 

Triangle Town Long Tunic - c/o Chumbak (Shop)
Aztec Cats Raglan Sweater - c/o Chumbak (Shop)
Hummingbird Leggings - c/o Chumbak (Shop)
Magical Jungle Women's Wrist Watch - c/o Chumbak (Shop)
Fox Yellow Ballerinas - c/o Chumbak (Shop)
Shirt Dress - Mango 
Neck-Piece - The Little Bauble Box
Brooch - H&M
Sunglasses - Miss Bennett 
Pumps - Done By None
Sandals - River Island (Here)

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