Monday, 31 December 2012

HAPPY 2013!

Abundant happiness, cheer and smile. Success, prosperity and lots of style. May 2013 usher in higher spirits to achieve what you aspire for. Thank you to each one of you for your constant love and support. I hope our TrimmingsAndLace journey together will be a memorable one!

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

TrimmingsAndLace : Twenty Twelve






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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happiness In All Small Things : Oxblood and Cobalt






Wishing all the readers a Merry Christmas. Lots of love, regard and warmest wishes to each one of you. see me! The best thing about fashion is that it helps you fall in love with the latest and re-visited trends, patterns and colors every season. And if by now you haven't embraced burgundy (distant cousin : maroon, christened : oxblood) in its complete royalty and luxe, you are living in the past my friend. Ever since the Fall/Winter runways, magazine issues, journals and the blogosphere declared oxblood as THE color, I have been stocking up on the same, getting together the pieces I own to adorn this shade to its fullest. I was stuck between a one.color.tone look and contrasts and if you have been following me long enough, the pick didn't surprise for sure. I wore this oxblood kurta with delicate Kashmiri embroidery tucked into my forever love cobalt and voila! Plus, what ideal way to make room for self cheer on a shuddering winter morning than wearing color. Happiness, as they say, indeed lies in all small things.

From Winter To Summer – The Print You Need In Your Closet

6 Drugstore Products For Gorgeous Skin

Stacked accessories and tan sandals completed my look. Speaking of which, these sandals were grabbed at a steal 50% off. Happiness is in small things...and as they say, sometimes you just need to know where to shop :)

 See me wear oxblood here | See me wear this skirt here | Join me in the 'coming soon' revelation here

 Wearing : 

Skirt : TrimmingsAndLace
Kurta : Gifted
Sandals : Marie Claire
Bag : Thrifted
Accessories : Aldo, Accessorize, Gifted and Thrifted
On my nails : Loreal Paris Color Riche - Purple Disturbia

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Random : Quirky Prints and Horses







Much like this (and this), the post today is all random. Sometimes, there are so many things to say and much like the thoughts, your words get scattered too. The best way to resolve the situation perhaps is a drop down here we go :)

1. First and foremost, I have some really really exciting news for all of you. It is something that has been there, known and seen but yet wasn't prevalent enough...what is it...stay tuned!! would have known had you been following me on Instagram - @trimmingsandlace

2. I am beginning to feel some fascination for quirky prints. Topping the list, horse print. Did I tell you, I wish to own a horse someday?

3. Current crush is the octagonal sling bag up for a giveaway. If you haven't signed in for it yet...your chance to do so here.

4. Navy, Mustard, Oxblood (basically burgundy christened), Wine, Gold are my lust-colors this season.

5. I spent some good number of hours studying Baroque recently.

6. I am loving minimalism in fashion like never before.

7. This dress has a pretty back. Sadly not captured in pictures. You can view it here. I like the Navy-Lilac-Navy-Red-Navy-Magenta of this dress too!!

8. Accessories you don't like...second thoughts on wearing them all by themselves? Mix them up with other pieces and stack up!!

9. New Love - Metallic Nail Foils - Planning a DIY- Loving metallics :)

10. Done blabbering!

Wearing - 

Dress - Vero Moda
Peep-Toes - Vero Moda
Clutch - Gifted
Earrings - Gifted
Cuff - Mom's

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Friday, 7 December 2012

TrimmingsAndLace Giveaway - December Delights


December is that part of the year when you not only look forward to new beginnings and bigger dreams, but also is the month to slow down, cherish what you have, thank each one who has supported you throughout and forgive those who couldn't. 'December Delights' is a small gesture to thank all of you for reading and supporting my TrimmingsAndLace journey. For me each one of you is very very special and a constant source of inspiration and motivation. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Come December, come festive parties. I do believe that the perfect bag is a complete accessory in itself. Its what you carry your world in. That's why, the wonderful guys at Rooja are offering one of you a chance to win this gorgeous pink octagonal sling bag (here) from Cupidity, to sash-e your shoulder as you strut your very own red carpet. 

Just a few things to keep in mind:

- Register on Rooja
- Like Rooja on Facebook 
- Like TrimmingsAndLace on Facebook
- Follow TrimmingsAndLace on Twitter

For an extra entry, browse the Rooja website and comment on your favorite product. Also tweet @TrimmingsNdLace adding #TrimmingsAndLaceDecemberDelights at the end.

*Contest open for India residents only.
**Comments will be approved after the contest closes.

And that's all :) The winner would be announced on my Facebook page. Till then...Play Dress Up!

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Drama : Mint and Sheer




Sheer has always fascinated me. As a kid, I remember picking and preferring tops and blouses in chiffons' and georgettes'. Subconsciously I indeed am drawn to the mountain and chateau romances associated with these fabrics, but what majorly draws me towards them is the fact that sheer let's you add on to the drama keeping intact your femininity. IF worn right, sheer shows that you are a woman and proves that you are a lady. Plus, the fluidity with which these fabrics drape themselves to the body makes me love them all the more.
Summers have been about my obsession for Mint. With a change in the season I definitely am in no mood to bid adieu to this color. I am only excitedly embracing fall with it. Typically, I would have worn a lace top underneath this sheer shirt. But for this time around, I thought of allowing the spunk hiding in the maybe.I.exist little corner of mine come out on the stage and thus decided to wear a cropped tank top.
Mint and spunk...well I am forecasting 'Fall' for you already :) 

Wearing - 

Sheer Blouse - Gifted
Tank Top - Thrifted
Jeans - ZARA
Gladiator Sandals - Local Store (Chandigarh)
Clutch - ASOS
Ring - Forever 21
Cuff and Earrings - Thrifted
On my nails - Lakme Cremes (Shade 421) and China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Happy Festivities

Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous festive season 2012!


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Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Highs And Lows : The Mullet





Mullet skirts and dresses were a rage this summer. These mystical, asymmetrical hemlines originated in the Victorian era dresses and gowns, and have been in trend since then - disappearing and then resurfacing with a vengeance at regular intervals. I personally had been crushing this trend but couldn't make up my mind as to what I should buy - a skirt or a dress. Adding to the woes was the summer fashion bell called the maxi. Hence, I decided to knock open a concoction of the three. And voila! As charming as the silhouette of a mullet is, it sure is enough to take you back to the Victorian era...and trust you me, a sweap of the fabric is enough to bring in those airs of royalty. So if like me, you too had been smitten by this trend - the fishtail's little party in the front and business at the back is your way to go!
Now, as I mentioned on my page there's is a quick D.I.Y to follow this post. If you haven't guessed it already, its my earrings. Attach or hook up two pairs in the form of a single earring. Wear it as a statement piece and add on to the drama...what say ladies??   

Wearing - 

Dress - TrimmingsAndLace
Belt - Thrifted
Sandals - Venus Steps (Delhi)
Earrings and Bangle - Mom's

P.S TrimmingsAndLace is the label for all self-designed and tailored pieces.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Color-Block : Cobalt, Green and Rhinestones






To me, accessories and jewellery are as important an element of the outfit as are the clothes. A 9 am meeting or an impromptu movie plan...a quick coffee or a get-away dinner...I want my outfit to have that one element that makes it complete and wholesome. A scarf loosely around my neck, a cocktail ring, a simple belt or those classic solitaires I make sure that the accessories and jewellery pieces that define me are with/on me every time. I feel that's the case with all of you or well most of you!

This statement neck-piece gifted to me by the gorgeous Minnat from XOXO Accessories truly stands up to my idea of wholesome jewellery - (as stated in my rule-book here) it completes an outfit and fits well with the theme of any outfit. I have worn it with Indians and westerns alike and it works perfectly. That's pretty much the vision and ideology of Minnat - the owner of this beautiful online store. All pieces in her collection are a perfect blend of contemporary and classics, much like Indian-ness cast in western cuts, shapes and designs. Besides, the store makes sure that you have the best of the best because not only are its pieces exquisite they are extremely affordable. Like they say, I bet you won't stop at one! 

Being an aficionado of cultures this surely has become my favorite. The current favorite couldn't have worked better with my all time favorite - Cobalt. Cobalt and bottle green are definitely my colors for fall. If you are wanting to make a strong color-block statement this season, I put my money on these blue-bloods. Plus against the monotone backdrops of fall these colors are sure to wipe off that dullness (and gloominess) and make your day cheery. Also, they work magic against any skin tone. 

However do remember, as rich and royal these colors are, make sure to wear them subtly to make the maximum impact. With the festival season in full swing, some brightness by way of your clothes, some bling by way of XOXO Accessories, some sparkle in your eye and that flutter on your lips - DIVA that's what its YOU are called!

Wearing - 

Dress - ASOS
Pumps - Charles & Keith
Neck-piece - XOXO Accessories
Bracelet worn as ring - ALDO
Bag - Gifted

Drop by XOXO Accessories - HERE.
Plus, four back-to-back events lined up on my Facebook and Twitter profile. I hope to see you there!

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Do-It-Yourself : Embellished Heels

As much as I have been swooning over embellished heels, owning a pair have always felt like walking the edge. When it comes to following trends I am always on a lookout for control and control measurements. To say, if I am embracing a particular trend I will look for three things -
1. Yes, the 'trend' in question should stand justified. 
2. The 'trend' in question should be in doses that fits my taste. (Welcome The TrimmingsAndLace Collection...yes you heard it first!!) 
3. Return on Investment i.e. once I have invested in a particular trend, worn and blogged much of it will suit my needs for the future and for how long...Now who said bloggers were mere compulsive shoppers?? 

So, if you are someone like me...this logic will definitely appeal to you!

You'll need:

1. A pair of heels - I picked up these small heeled pumps. Small heels helped me keep the embellishment subtle!
2. 20-25 small and medium multi-shaped rhinestones. Try choosing ones with a flat base.
3. Adhesive
4. Tweezers
5. Toothpick






1. Start by applying the adhesive on the toothpick. When using a strong adhesive it is always advisable to use something conducive. You wouldn't want your fingers glued for a day!

2. Use the tweezers to hold the rhinestone and smear the back with the adhesive.

3. Place it into position as per the pattern of your choice. Remember, there are no fixed rules for creating a pattern...just go ahead and have some fun!

4. You can use your fingers to secure the rhinestone in place.

5. Let them dry for about 15 to 30 minutes. And voila!

Time to slip into your bejeweled Cinderella shoes! 

Heels - Local Store, Kaftan Dress - Fashion&You, Accessories - Mom's and Gifted, Rhinestones, Adhesive (Feviquick), Tweezers, Toothpick - Local Craft and Department Stores

On a side note, I have a very 'gorgeous' giveaway in progress on my Facebook page...Hop on and get winning :)

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

An Ode To That Metallic Shirt







I personally am very fond of the bling and the metallic. Though a full-house of the same may qualify as a post in The Dressing Room series, I love to incorporate the same in significant doses in an outfit. Bling adds richness and playful elegance to an outfit while metallics' add the right amount of texture. Both are a great way to enhance the look and feel of an everyday outfit. Spring 2012 saw many designers introducing pieces dipped in a sea of gold, silver and sequins. And just when I thought I was late in posting this look, Burberry Prorsum threw in its cinematic Spring 2013 collection. I feel this post can safely pass as transitional!
The key to wearing metallic and polishing your look is to pick up one piece and build an outfit accentuating that. Since I wasn't doing the regular gold or silver, I played around with the colors and decided to dare a bit and add this clutch to complement the blouse. A basic skirt with (DIY-ed) vintage buttons and the cuff added to the festivity bringing in the bling. Conventional gold and silver is definitely on the cards, so stay tuned!

Coming over to why today's post is a little ode to a metallic shirt. As kids, my sister and I had a really bright (something between sky blue and royal blue) blue colored shirt. So bright is to mean super-metallic and latex. Ever since we were gifted that, it became a joke as to who would wear it and a scary stick as to who would mom make it wear in case she got into the "you have so many clothes...but hardly wear them" mode. Thankfully (really??), after dressing me once in it (to a birthday party...birthday parties as kids were meant to be costume-y) my mother too realized its horrific presence our inability to style it appropriately and gave it away. Wonder what would I have done if I had it today?? Ummmm...look up...back to the outfit!

Wearing - 

Blouse - Gifted
Skirt - TrimmingsAndLace
Ring and Cuff - Forever 21
Clutch - ASOS
Kitten Heels - Local Store
On My Nails - China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint

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