Thursday, 30 August 2012

Its Time We Saw Some LACE






The world was introduced to Lace way back in the 16th century, when the clergy of the early Catholic Church made it a part of vestments in religious ceremonies. Lace is that super-luxe fabric, that has ever since stood the test of time. Described as one of the most feminine fabric, reminiscent of the innocence of a girl and the poise of a lady, lace can never go out of fashion. I feel so glad that Lace is no longer associated only with the classic whites, blacks and beiges and we have a bounty of non-monochromic options to explore.
Personally, I love wearing lace for all the obvious reasons. Here are some style tips one can keep in mind when wearing lace:

1.  The key is to pick one lace element per look. I really like how Stella McCartney and Diane von Furstenberg offer beautiful blouses with lace details such as inlays and sleeves. These blouses pair perfectly with everything from distressed denim to pencil skirts.
2.  Choose minimal accessories to pair with lace. Let lace remain the main element of the ensemble.
3. Wear white lace dresses with camel colored flats or gladiators, accessorizing with chunks of gold for the day. Lace with mixed fabrics works well for the evenings.
4.  If you do not want to commit to an all lace look, opt for lace accessories; a clutch or shoes.
5.  Wearing lace does not mean or should be understood as revelation. It should show that you are a woman but define that you are a lady.

Wearing - 

Dress - TrimmingsAndLace
Neck-Piece - Forever New
Ring - Thrifted (Australia)
Peep-Toes - Local Store (Chandigarh) 

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Cupid Colors





Color Blocking (here and here) was THE trend in 2011, but this very trend has chosen to stay over. Not that I would complain! I have done the Red and Fuchsia combination before...though subtly. But after having seen this bright and bold color combination strut the red carpets, in addition to world wide fashionistas adorning it, I too decided to follow the suit. We all have those days when we find ourselves stuck in a style rut. Since, way wild was on my mind for some time now I can safely say that playing with different and new color combinations is always a great way to liven up your wardrobe. Red and Fuchsia are considered as clashing colors but they are seated next to each other on the color wheel. Thus these, analogous colors work well together to create some fascinating and surprisingly chic looks.
If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you would know already my love for maxi-skirts this season. My first post for The Dressing Room series saw me wear one...and surely Maxi-Skirts too are insisting to stay over.

Wearing - 
Crochet Top - Gifted
Maxi-Skirt - TrimmingsAndLace
Flats - ALDO
Neck-piece - Claire's
Ring - Forever 21
Cuff - Westside (Chandigarh) 

P.S TrimmingsAndLace is the label for all self-designed and tailored pieces.

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Sunday, 12 August 2012


Starting this post with a kind note - 
Dear 'Anonymous' readers. I truly appreciate your efforts to stop by my blog and further passing through all the clicks and checks to finally leave a comment. Opinion on what I wear  - YES, Suggestions on how to improve - YES, Inputs to advance my fashion knowledge - YES. Kindly, refrain from leaving comments that are personal. I appreciate criticism but judge me only on what you know of me from the blog, not on what you think you know about me!! 





This post comes after long...and after a lot of pondering and self deliberation. Titled  'I Believe' just to convey a little message to all my lovely, loyal readers that I make mistakes even on this platform, I do not know everything and I never proclaimed I did. Just like many of you, I learn and am learning in this process...and I share that with you ensuring your support. So, Thank you so much!

A few of my fashion ideologies went into putting together this outfit. It is always fun to incorporate styles outside your comfort zone and what's even thrilling and pleasing is that your ideologies stand true to fit the bill. Here's a run-down on mine, I hope you feel the same on some :) 

1. I believe in cultural fusion. The crisscrossing of Indian accents (my jewellery) with contemporary outfits works amazingly well. I am glad the stylists at Vogue India (Read: July Issue) believed the same.

2. I believe that simple and suave gold sandals are an accessory in itself. They are glamorous enough to complete an outfit.

3. I believe in NO fake bags in a blog post atleast.Period.

4. I believe that you shouldn't have a reason to wear trousers and a season to wear blazers. They are absolute wardrobe staples.

5. I believe in Orange and Animal Prints. Trust you me, the potential and instincts of these two abstracts can change outfit dimensions.




Wearing - 

T-Shirt from Mango
Trousers from TrimmingsAndLace
Blazer from Forever 21
Bag from Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton Speedy)
Peep-Toe Sandals  from Venus Steps (Delhi)
Mom's Jewellery  
Flexi-Belt - Thrifted

P.S TrimmingsAndLace is the label for all self-designed and tailored pieces.

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