Saturday, 31 March 2012

**Florals** Need I Say More??

Sorry readers! This one is going to be a quickie. I am having a rather hectic week (Read: Geeky Me - Financial Year Ending - Quarter Closing - Loads of Work!!)
I hope you all are having a bright, beautiful and chirpy Spring!!


Floral Dress - Thrifted (Delhi)
Stockings - Forever 21
Blazer - Next
Belt - Promod
Flats - Thrifted (Dubai)
Assorted Bangles - ALDO and Thrifted
Ring - Thrifted

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Friday, 23 March 2012

Bienvenue à Paris

Hello Readers!!

NO as much as I would have wanted too, currently I am not in Paris. Before you guys wonder, why this post is so named…it’s because (in short) ever since I shot for this outfit post, I had this weird, unexplainable urge to make this post all Paris-y. Then I was reminded of that magic potion called – Wikipedia and wisely refrained from doing so. 



Statement color dresses are a canvas. You can paint this canvas to suit your taste, comfort, personality and fashion sensibilities. Here are my 10 style tips to wear such dresses:

  1. I am someone who always tends to lean towards contrasts in clothing. This time I opted for a contrast in my accessories and flats. It’s something you can try too!!
  2. Team up a statement colored dress with a floral blazer or an accessory like a scarf.
  3. Try abstract, digital or tribal prints in belts and sling bags. (You can obviously swap 2 and 3). 

 4.  I would also want to team up this dress with a denim jacket or a colored, striped blazer. Maybe a similar green and white stripped one!! 
5.  Wear it with textured, patterned or lace tights/stockings. 
6.  Wanting to go edgier?? Why not try it with a leather jacket (with my dress I would wear a tan leather jacket) and boots. It’s a perfect biker look!! 
7.  If you wish to travel the color-blocking way make sure to keep the rest of the look simple. Try strong contrasts to be dramatic.

 8.  The darker and richer the shade, the more you can accessorize. Like for a deeper shade of green drive into accessories like chunky gold accents.
9.  Belts help break the expanse of color giving you a structured look. And it helps u look taller!!
10.  Try mixing your dress with shades from the same color palette. In such case, I suggest in keeping the look simple and let colors do the talking!!

Dress from Forever 21
Flats from ALDO
Ring from Forever 21
Scarf from Kapsons
Bangles are in Gold (Mom's)
Earrings and Brooch have been gifted
Over-sized Clutch is a thrift find!! **here**

Would love to know your reviews on this post!!
P.S This post has been picked up from the archives. It is something I wore last summers :)

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shy Away

CONSCIOUSLY or unconsciously we are always taught to do justice to what we do. It is instilled in our minds and forms a part of social standing that we are fair and honest to what we do - be that education, job, business, a hobby or dressing up :D 

So if you are a style blogger and an acquaintance (who you know is a secret reader of your blog but not a blatant admirer) plans to surprise you in like 15mins..what do you do ?? Glam Up and do justice to what we blog fellas!!

Since I am not making a red carpet appearance in the coming future..I'll be pleased to present my lazy-ing, one-of-those normal days outfits which I had to Glam Up for my visitor. I added a blazer on top of this regular turtle-neck sweater, worn with my favourite checked pants and wore my new statement neckpiece for the finish..

Blazers are one of my favourite pieces. You throw on a blazer and it adds so much structure and poise to what you are wearing. It makes you look presentable, firm and ready to take it all on. Fashion+Power!!

What happens when you take it off?? You sit and wonder whether you did justice to who she sees on TrimmingsAndLace.

Turtle-Neck Sweater - ZARA
Blazer - Tailored (worn here and here)
Pants - Local Store (here)
Necklace - Forever New
Watch - Swatch
Loafers - Mom's

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Shades Of Blue

As a young girl, I remember my mother dressing me up in a pair of yellow tights and a red velvet+wool sweater. This was (mind you) one of my special outfit worn at a family wedding. As far as I remember its post that I regained gained my fashion sensibilities and quit wearing tights.
That's until last year when I casually picked up these basic black tights to wear at home..and soon they became one of my best friends during winters. I won't dig into how comfortable one feels in tights...I am sure you all must be knowing that already. But I am happy that at this half of the circle my Tights-Fashion-Sensibilities turned for the better!!
P.S. My mom sensed color blocking back cool is she??

Blue is one such color that has never really needed a 'come back' on the runways. In one way or the other its always been fashion's favorite silhouette. The Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 collections saw various avatars of blue. From the classic evening wears in one shade of blue to the textured versions and to the basic can never not be THE TREND.
Different shades of blue always complement each other perfectly, so don't be afraid to mix the darker hues with the lighter one's. Adding contrasts to blue works wonder in breaking the expanse of color and most importantly shaping and structuring the outfit. I teamed my outfit with the classic, timeless contrast of black and added a bright pop of Orange.


Black Tights - Thrifted
Shirt - Van Heusen
Sweater - Aeropostale (Dad's..remember how I love wearing my Dad's clothes??)
Sleeveless Sweater - Allen Solly
Bag - ASOS
Shoe Earings - Forever 21 (wish you could see them clearly :( )
Elastic Belt - Thrifted (worn here)
Ballerina's - Thrifted (Dubai)

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P.P.S. March 3rd I turned a year HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!