Tuesday, 30 April 2013

TrimmingsAndLace : Accessorizing 101

With hordes of options and alternatives thronging the store selves, picking accessories has become easier. Stores these days allow you to be the Alibaba and float around in the mystical cave where treasures galore. This however is a double-edged sword because with so many options to choose from, it has become even easier to go wrong. 
Accessorizing an outfit is entirely subjective and comes with no baggage of rules. In magazines and catalogues you’ll see no accessories being worn to complete over-accessorizing and everything in between. But for someone like you and me who have classes and meetings to attend, a 9am deadline to meet, projects to complete or maybe kids to send to school and settle for household chores, some accessorizing basics can go a long way in making a look stylish and tasteful.

How I accessorize my outfits completely depends on my mood and instinct. But looking back I do feel there are some principles that I have followed inherently and some which I have developed over the course of time. 



While colour-blocking has been a huge trend over the past two years, I feel that a stylish contrast rarely goes out of style. For those of you, who have followed my blog long enough (Thank you for that!) you must be aware of my love or rather my basic instinct to contrast. If you are someone who is good with colours, this indeed comes naturally to you. So, while accessorizing combining a red with blue, orange with navy or mint with fuchsia is easy and always seems to work. A cobalt dress worn with an orange clutch, a white shirt with a bright floral scarf, a green shirt and a hot-pink neckpiece are some style ideas that help you transform your outfit into a look.  However, the rule here is to keep the contrast subtle. In-your-face, loud contrasts are best reserved for theme parties or Halloween alone! 



I am a staunch believer in statement pieces. These can be in the form of the jewellery I wear, clothes, scarves and belts or shoes and bags. To make a statement, you only need one piece ensuring that it remains the central focus of your look while lending coherence to the entire ensemble. If I know my outfit is bold enough to make a statement, I try and keep the accessories very minimal or add underlying elements of gold or silver to my outfit. On the other hand, if my outfit is rather basic say jeans and a T-Shirt, I would accentuate it with my jewellery, shoes or bag. Remember, less is always more when it comes to accessories. 



I don’t know how many of you would agree with me on this, but I was once casually drawn into a discussion on how important belts are to an outfit. It was one styling lesson I took very seriously and have stuck with it since then. Whether it is my jeans, trousers, dresses, tunics or tops – whenever the need be – I do wear a belt. Structuring your outfit with the help of a belt or a scarf not only breaks the monotony of the garment but also allows you to reflect and hold strong your feminine side. 



Fashion, trends, styling ideas all are a dynamic world in its own. They are constantly changing and evolving. There are newer trends and variations to wear them. However, the degree, amount and manner in which you incorporate the same in your outfits are very subjective. For example, stacking up jewellery pieces such as cuffs, bracelets, neck-pieces and rings has been a huge trend. Being introduced on the Spring/Summer 2012 runways this trend has been completely unstoppable. If you are like me and want to take baby steps with this trend start by layering fine silver or gold chains. Keep them of varying lengths to create maximum impact and add on different kinds of pendants to keep up the fun element. 



It’s only until recently that I discovered how impactful subtle variations in your outfit can be. My latest affection has been to wear accessories in the same colour and undertones as my outfit. This technique helps create different dimensions to the outfit and is a perfect way to wear even your boldest accessories the understated way. It also helps in keeping the look somewhat formal and professional. Hence ideal for work wear.  

I hope there is something for each one of you to take away from these ideas. The best always is to explore your style and instincts and follow them to rank higher on the style quotient. If that’s a task, Coco Chanel’s, “Always remove one thing before going out the door” works without fail. 

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Coming of Age : Camouflage










For me, quite literally this post has had its coming of age. As the fashion world witnessed a re-surge of the 'Camo Print' as part of the Fall/Winter 2013 runways, I knew I had to try the trend. But I was never really convinced to invest in one. My management principals prevailed and I asked one of my dear friends serving the Indian Army to come to my fashion rescue. Interdepartmental functionality - Yes they teach that well. My friend sent me over this jacket way back in November but much to my loss I couldn't come up with the best way to adorn this power weapon. 
That's until the camouflage trend made the most anticipated comeback as part of the Spring 2013 fashion lines. Tough and strikingly powerful despite its uncomplicated nature, it comes as no surprise that camo print has stood the test of time to become fashion’s favourite form of abstraction. For me, being a starter I tried to implement it in an absolute care-free, casual and boho way. Pairing a camo print with whites, blacks and monotones is the safest and easiest way to bring out your military element. This also allows the print to shine out undisturbed. A subtle contrast and you are good, on way to make a power statement. With high-end stores bringing out textures by way of embellishments, studs and spikes infused on the print you can go edgy unperturbed. With the runaways adopting several variations in camo prints, colour combinations and fresh print overlays, I can't wait to pair this jacket in more ways than one. Certainly - Once a camo girl, always a camo girl!

Wearing - 

Camo Jacket - Gifted
Dress - From a boutique in Delhi
Belt - Promod
Bag - Mango
Sandals - Marie Claire (Seen Here)
On my wrist - ALDO, Forever 21, Fab Alley, Thrifted (Similar)
Ring - You Shine
On my nails - Konad
On my lips - Neutrogena Merlot

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Friday, 12 April 2013

As TrimmingsAndLace Turns Two

Two years back, while my fellow mates indulged themselves in assignments, internships and a rat-race for jobs, I decided to open my closet for the world (Here's How). Picked a corner in my house and my Sony camera. My sister became the brains behind TrimmingsAndLace and my mom picked a new hobby - clicking me. I am not counting milestones yet, because there is a long way to go...but I do know that THAT was the best decision I ever made. So, as TrimmingsAndLace turns two I want to thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart for making this journey so incredible. Hope you all continue to love and bless TrimmingsAndLace. 

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Glide Through : Certain Royalty









I have never owned a maxi-dress to fall in love with the magnificence of one. The cotton, breezy ones yes but never the ones that instantly poise your gait and simply makes you float around. That's until, one of my wonderful readers asked me to custom make a maxi-dress for her under The TrimmingsAndLace Collection. She wanted something to wear for a corporate red carpet event, which had to be starkly different from the usual sarees and LBDs, but at the same time, not film-ish. We brainstormed for about two weeks and well this is what we came up with. Being no designer, I need a strong validation to make me agree that the job is well done. With a happy client and a few compliments here and there, I was convinced to include this piece in The TrimmingsAndLace Collection - Spring/Summer and finally style it for the blog too.  
Keeping this one short for some validation to pour in...
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Wearing - 
Maxi-Dress - TrimmingsAndLace (Shop)
Sandals - Marie Claire (here)
Gold Bangle - Mom's (here)

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