Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Watercolours And Serene Rumblings









If you've been a regular on the blog and my page, you must be having an idea about my crop-top infatuation turned obsession. So with a couple of posts lined up to do so, today let me not take you down the route of how the cropped trend is ruling the fashion scene and the numerous ways it can be worn. 
Over the past few weeks, I have grown to acknowledge and accept more the lessons life teaches us everyday. These are a few thoughts I have been going to bed with and I am taking a chance to share them with you - 

1. It has become increasing important for us in the present day to value our real relationships and accept the fact that virtual relations are, well virtual. As easy as it is to make a relation, a simple reject/block/unfollow is enough to break it. The human connect and presence has been reduced to a mere click. How lonely can this make us eventually, don't stick around to explore that. 

2. Forgiveness - it is the hardest thing to do. It takes every inch of strength our body possesses to let go and forgive. But at the same, it is vital to understand that as humans we are bound to make mistakes - good, bad and ugly. And when the time is on us, we must also accept them and seek forgiveness. But one mustn't allow a mistake to govern his/her future. You cannot live being apologetic for the rest of your life. Your mistakes made you who you were, not necessarily to govern who you will be. 

3. Imitation is indeed a very powerful gesture of flattery. But it stands justified only to an extent. Post that, its called stalking. You seriously don't need to do things the way I do - pictures, comments, social messages and even hashtags and fonts. Trust me, you can do better!

4. There is nothing in life that shall go unanswered. Sometimes, we twirl ourselves in egos, criticisms, anger, disgust, regret and revenge. And that's what proves we are human. But there is a stronger force above this all - Karma. Let it take its course. And it doesn't disappoint. But at the same time, make sure to keep your circle positive.

5. Rise above pettiness. There is more to life than indulging in the petty frictions it brings. Don't make or allow yourself to construct your life with mediocrity.

I would love if you all participate and share your views on the same. You can drop in comments, email me or send in a tweet. Thank you for reading.

Wearing - 

Crop-Top - Old (DIY-ed)
Skirt - Forever New (here)
Sandals - Marie Claire (here)
Earrings - Thrifted
Rings - Romwe
On my nails - O.P.I Alpine Snow 

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