Thursday, 21 May 2015

TrimmingsAndLace For The Quirk Box : A Day In The Life Of The City

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My love and appreciation for the wonderful team at The Quirk Box has been no secret. Like many of you pursuing professions you love, the adrenalin rush of being a stylist comes when clothes, outfit pieces and silhouettes challenge you. Much like other forms of art, pieces from The Quirk Box satisfy my pangs in this regard. From styling an everyday chic look by pairing this Stuck With Stupid Vest amidst contrasts to letting this Boyfriend Jacket be the statement while incorporating the latest trend, my endeavour with this post (much like the previous one) was to shift focus and lend an editorial appeal to these kitsch pieces. The framework within which I structured this look and the brief I provided to Tejinder was, that it's an outfit depicting the housewife of the early 90s. How weird or how apt is what we leave for you to decide. 

We shot this look in one of the busiest streets of Chandigarh and it was an experience to say the least. Much kudos to Tejinder for capturing the pulse of the street while keeping the dynamism of these pieces alive. Stay tuned for the second edition of these pictures! 

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Wearing - 

Dolls Crop-Top - c/o The Quirk Box (Shop)
Maxi Skirt - Thrifted
Dupatta (draped) - Mom's 
Belt - ZARA
Clutch - ASOS
Sunglasses - c/o Vajor
Earrings - Gifted
Flats -

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

TrimmingsAndLace For The Quirk Box : Long Gone

 photo DSCF1867.jpg  photo DSCF1907.jpg  photo DSCF1924.jpg  photo DSCF1892.jpg  photo DSCF1885.jpg  photo DSCF1871.jpg  photo DSCF1842.jpg  photo DSCF1905.jpg  photo DSCF1929.jpg

Shot By - @SatyaVS

They say life is a better bucket to be in when you focus only on the CANs instead of the CANNOTs. Most often than not, I end up believing that the many platonic principals of life hold true for the world of art, fashion and style. The doer is the creator, risk converts into rewards, success out-steps comfort – are all statements celebrating those who can and those who do. And two individuals and their brand that have come to be associated with this fundamental and are today deeply respected in the industry are – Rixi and Jayesh from The Quirk Box.

For me personally, Rixi and Jayesh are mentors because at the very start of my blogging career, they gave me an opportunity to style for them by medium of my blog. Which is why, when this project came along it was a chance to acknowledge our association and maybe trace how far we’ve come.

The Quirk Box, as a brand has timelessly been amusing its audience with their new, kitsch and originally quirky designs. The collections and the very perspective behind them have always been enchanting and encapsulating, especially for those who are looking for new dimensions and layers in their personal style. 
The very concept of the post was constructed around the era of the 50’s when the Hitchcock movies, Grace Kelly and his later muse Tippi Hedren ruled the roost. We attempted to project certain longingness and wait for the bygone lover, something which I instinctively connected with the print and silhouette of the entire outfit. Further, we tried to induce elements of mystery and suspense associated with incomplete words and unfinished letters.

For a more modern and everyday appeal, I bet these pieces will look as good on their own as they will when paired together. Top it up with a bright blazer or add nuances of colour like me, I am sure these pieces will be conversation starters and each of you will have an interesting story or a fascinating concept to explore. However, go easy on the accessories and let the print be the focal of your entire look.
I hope you enjoyed the look and the creative behind it. Don’t forget to join me on YouTube and give my maiden video a thumbs up. Also, stay tuned for an exciting Instagram giveaway. 

Wearing -

Vintage Typewriter Print Crop-Top - c/o -  The Quirk Box (Shop)
Vintage Typewriter Print Skirt - c/o -  The Quirk Box (Shop)
Shop co-ords here.
Scarf - Thrifted
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Bag - ASOS (here)
Pumps - Done by None
Earrings - Gifted
Vintage Watch - Mom's

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