Friday, 26 December 2014

TrimmingsAndLace For Swarovski : A Sparkle A Time









A woman and her love for jewellery can never really be summed up in words, let alone contained. From the time she watches her mother adorn her treasures to dreaming of dressing up in heirlooms. From the inherent consciousness of collecting and savouring her jewellery pieces to stopping at those large, inviting display windows...woman and her love for jewellery wasn't really meant to be put into words, let alone contained.

Earlier this month I collaborated with Swarovski to style a look for this party season. I have always been a huge fan and an admirer of Swarovski crystals and jewellery. The finesse with which a simple piece of glass is so beautifully maneuvered to create something this delicate, is a form of unmatched art and skill. To celebrate this association and the timeless Swarovski appeal, I knew I had to save this look for the last. When it came to my outfit, I went ahead with the classic bling. If you are someone who prefers a look that is comfortable, easy and an extention to your personal favourites, the best is to stick to the classics. Doing so, leaves room for experimentation in jewellery, accessories and make-up. And that's pretty much what I did with this look. You can wear these pieces on their own, layer them or mix them to create a balanced look. I am sure you'll agree when I say that they'll look beautiful and appealing in every way. To balance the modern silhouette of the dress and giving in to old world charm, I added elements like this faux fur cape (Gifted by my grandmother, but never worn. This is for her) and did my lips in classic red. For the eyes I tried the Hollywood glam winged-eye (similar).

Now for the good bit. I need no Swarovski, said no woman ever. This year has been so overwhelming for me, in more ways than one. I feel I can never thank any of you enough for the love and support you have given this little endeavour of mine. If you are the one who is a regular reader of my blog, the one who likes and comments regularly or the one who never does but also never fails to stop by, I express my sincerest gratitude. As a gesture and with a very special thank you to the wonderful Swarovski team, here I am to make the party season a little more memorable for you by letting one of you win THIS exquisite piece. Here's all that you need to do - 

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3. Tell us how would you like to style this piece for the party season. You can leave your answers as comments below or on my Instagram - @trimmingsandlace. You can also  tweet them @TrimmingsNdLace. Don't forget to #trimmingsandlace. 

*Contest closes 01.01.2015.
**Blog comments will be approved after the contest closes.
***Contest open for India residents alone. 
****Winner will be announced across all social channels. 


Simple isn't it? Then why wait...make a star yours today. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and unbound joy and happiness for 2015. Lots of love! 

Wearing - 

Stardust Beige, Fuchsia, Black, Blue Double Bracelets - c/o Swarovski
Intervalle Black Bangle, Intervalle Bangle, thin (on the table) - c/o Swarovski
Simplicity Ring, Spiral Ring - c/o Swarovski
Begin Pierced Earrings - c/o Swarovski
Dress - Mango
Faux Fur Cape - Gifted
Peep-toes - ALDO 

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

TrimmingsAndLace For MaxFashions : Didn't Loose The Lesson






Shot By - HimShootz

Our everyday routine (minus Thursdays) usually gives us lesser opportunities for a throwback. But around this time of the year, it perhaps is very natural and somewhat inevitable to look back at the year gone by. We all tend to relive the highs and lows of our life, smile again at what made us smile and feel sad for what didn't go as wished. Life is a giver and gives us a clean slate over and over again to write and rewrite our story. The question remains how well we write ours with the lessons learnt from certain incidents of life. Here's a story board of mine. I hope there is something for you to takeaway as I reflect back on my 2014. 

January - Learn. Learn everyday. Today be a person better than who you were yesterday. Feel gratitude to feel empowered. Admit your mistakes but never let your mistakes define who you are and who you can be. We as humans are bound to make them. Forgive yourself first and then those who hurt you. 

February - Celebrate. Family. Friends. Love. Love so much that it consumes you. Never let go the people who love you. Don't chase those who never could because that is their weakness and not yours. Love and love more each day. It is the only thing that truly rewards you in life.

March - Take your work seriously. Fall in love with what you do. Do not work in quest for 'that life'. Work to learn and grow as a person. Work to grow stronger. Because you'll dream and when you dream it you do it.

April - Meet new people. Make new friends. Share your life. Imbibe their lessons. Love yourself for others to love you. Make time for your family and yourself. Give little but give back to the world. It needs it.

May - Do not let others set goals or benchmarks for you. Professionally, what others do, have done or are doing is their chapter. Don't waste your time and energy in making their chapter yours. And don't let others do it for you. Cut yourself from people who set standards for you. You are way too capable to do that in your own, individual way.

June - Travel. Travel for yourself. Travel to learn. Travel to strengthen your bond with your loved ones. Travel like there's no tomorrow. And, besides all the SPF drama a little sun never harmed anyone. Embrace nature at its hardest. It always does!

July - Have a pet. It is empowering to love someone who cannot demand like us. Make time for them. Love them unconditionally. That's a stronger version of prayer, trust me.

August - Believe. Believe in people who believe in you and appreciate them for it. In life, to tread a road less traveled is always the hardest. Many discourage you, many tell you, you cannot make it and how you don't have what it takes, many will refuse to work with you for you. Believe in that one who said yes.

September - Exercise. Eat Healthy. Don't compromise on this valuable asset. Cycle. Walk. Squat. Give that ass what it deserves!

October - Husbands, boyfriends, friends, colleagues, not tolerate a man who doesn't respect you. Do not tolerate a man who lacks some serious linguistic control while talking to a woman. Do not allow them to judge you for what you do. How incapable and weak they are is defined by actions like these.

November - People judge you by your 'social count' and that is largely they know and want to know about you. Don't be or become one of them. Modesty surprises people. Be modest anyway.

December - Organize your schedules. Plan ahead. Make others feel special. Play with kids. Walk in the chill. Feel it on bare legs. Eat that junk. Dance at weddings. Love. Give love. Jealousy is an emotion. Accept jealously in people. They are cause they never can be you. Smile. Feel blessed.

As part of my collaboration with MaxFashions, this is the second look I styled for them. Currently, I am in love with pairing pullovers with skirts and over dresses. Well, this being till the weather allows us to bare a leg. We shot this look in freezing temperatures which perhaps is evident from my expressions. Well, isn't that a part of overcoming what challenges you?

Wearing - 

Pullover - c/o MaxFashions
Skirt - Gifted
Pumps - Dune
Clutch - FCUK
Earrings - Gifted
Ring - Forever 21  

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

TrimmingsAndLace For MaxFashions : Florals At Degree Nine




Shot By - HimShootz

With their hothouse hues and a magnitude of prints, MaxFashions has always been among my favourite stores. To picking up a complete outfit or adding elements as basic as a crisp white shirt to complete a look, Max always stands up to those fashion needs without burning a hole in your pocket. More often that not, we all attempt to create a utilitarian wardrobe that consists of pieces which we can wear everyday and include them in our day to day routine. I have always advocated in being money-wise when it comes to this and Max as a brand truly resonates this ideology, albeit stylishly. Earlier this week, I was invited to the Max stores for a preview of their Fall/Winter'14 collection. The collection is buzzing with bright colours and some interesting kitsch and geometric prints in knits, pullovers, jackets and coats. This being so ideal for the dull, foggy, no-sun days. I absolutely loved the floral and baroque print sweatshirts from the collection. One can easily mix them with prints or wear them with a basic pair of jeans, to let them hold their own and make a statement. 

What caught my eye, however, among the panorama of prints and colours, was this dainty floral number. Less feminine than the summer floral bunch, sporting florals in winters always is a perspective to brighter, sunnier days (although, shooting at 9 degrees doesn't leave much space for thoughts like these). I picked up this number also to experiment with a certain amount of luxe and edginess that is usually associated with winter florals. Instead of jewellery, I accessorized with a tie to add a dash of colour and another layer in terms of styling. As I wasn't attempting to present an androgynous look, I balanced the effect with a pair of very vintage and à la french brooches.

This is a very simple and an easy look which can be worn in a multiple ways. You can opt to wear the dress on its own or layer it like I have. Instead of greys and blacks you can also add a bright pink blazer to the dress. Skip the stockings or add colour. Swap the boots for pumps or wedges. Belt the dress to structure your look. Add a faux collar or wear a collar necklace. The options are endless. Isn't that true for dressing anyway?

Wearing - 

Shirt - c/o MaxFashions
Dress - c/o MaxFashions
Sweater - Dad's (here it started)
Trench - Mom's (the story here)
Stockings - Forever 21
Boots - JC Penny
Tie - Dad's
Brooches - Gifted (here)

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Friday, 12 December 2014

The Person A Watch Makes Me







Shot By - HimShootz
When it comes to identifying and understanding this broad term called fashion, I have always maintained that fashion and style are a reflection of you. It is your beliefs, ideologies, the discussions you have amongst your friends, your choice of music and art, the books you read and what lessons of life you've imbibed from your parents, teachers and family - for me fashion sensibilities are a product of the above. One of the very early lessons in dressing that I was taught and live by is the importance of wearing a watch. I've grown up seeing my parents keeping their respective watches in that anchored space of the cabinet. When my sister and I were kids, whenever my dad used to travel one of the most precious components of his gifts bandwagon used to be a watch for my sister and me. I remember my dad getting this limited edition Swatch watch for my sister, which incidentally broke one day at school. Needless to say it made my sister extremely upset and adding to her dismay was the fact that no possible store in India could fix it. Years (and yes I mean years) later my parents 'discovered' someone who managed to fix it. Yet again, needless to say by then we were a little old to wear it. 

For me a watch signifies your take on life. It makes you feel more in control of the uncontrollable and acts as a reminder that those bullet needles cannot beat you. A watch is your constant benchmark, teaching you discipline like no other. And strongly said not wearing one, unless the occasion demands you skip, is a turn off.

A few weeks back I received this elegant Classic Trinity Lady in rose gold from Daniel Wellington. Without a second thought, I knew that when it came to styling it will be all about the person a watch makes me. I hope you like the post. 

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Wearing - 

Crop-Top and Pants - TrimmingAndLace
Blazer - TrimmingsAndLace (here)
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Sunglasses - RayBan
Sandals - ALDO
Earrings - Gifted
On my lips - Lancôme Pret-A-Plum
On my nails -  Colorbar Twisted Peach

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