Friday, 12 December 2014

The Person A Watch Makes Me







Shot By - HimShootz
When it comes to identifying and understanding this broad term called fashion, I have always maintained that fashion and style are a reflection of you. It is your beliefs, ideologies, the discussions you have amongst your friends, your choice of music and art, the books you read and what lessons of life you've imbibed from your parents, teachers and family - for me fashion sensibilities are a product of the above. One of the very early lessons in dressing that I was taught and live by is the importance of wearing a watch. I've grown up seeing my parents keeping their respective watches in that anchored space of the cabinet. When my sister and I were kids, whenever my dad used to travel one of the most precious components of his gifts bandwagon used to be a watch for my sister and me. I remember my dad getting this limited edition Swatch watch for my sister, which incidentally broke one day at school. Needless to say it made my sister extremely upset and adding to her dismay was the fact that no possible store in India could fix it. Years (and yes I mean years) later my parents 'discovered' someone who managed to fix it. Yet again, needless to say by then we were a little old to wear it. 

For me a watch signifies your take on life. It makes you feel more in control of the uncontrollable and acts as a reminder that those bullet needles cannot beat you. A watch is your constant benchmark, teaching you discipline like no other. And strongly said not wearing one, unless the occasion demands you skip, is a turn off.

A few weeks back I received this elegant Classic Trinity Lady in rose gold from Daniel Wellington. Without a second thought, I knew that when it came to styling it will be all about the person a watch makes me. I hope you like the post. 

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Wearing - 

Crop-Top and Pants - TrimmingAndLace
Blazer - TrimmingsAndLace (here)
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Sunglasses - RayBan
Sandals - ALDO
Earrings - Gifted
On my lips - Lancôme Pret-A-Plum
On my nails -  Colorbar Twisted Peach

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  1. Such a chic look! you are rocking the outfit!

  2. It has really fabulous colour :)


  3. You look gorgeous.. love the pants n top!

    Maybe you have time to see my New outfit post: Feeling Springy


  4. I like this post.

    "The person a watch makes me", this phrase is cool.

  5. I like this post.

    "The person a watch makes me", this phrase is cool.

  6. I love you is the most important thing what i want to say.what else would be there for an innocent guy like me to say to the beautifullest female of this world.Happy Valentines day.