Sunday, 23 June 2013

TrimmingsAndLace Collection : Red Do The Talking







As temperatures rose by the day, one thought persistently grew stronger within me. What's summer without a hot hue to battle it? And in came these words by Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone's executive director, "Fiery red is a mood elevator. It can boost confidence and make you feel more in control." More than the hanging thought that "Poppy Red" is among Pantone's colours of the year, it was this statement that convinced me to step aside from the shy summer pastels and include this sharp-edged hue in the upcoming TrimmingsAndLace Collection.
Red undoubtedly makes you feel much in control. It is a statement in itself. Combined with lace, it helps you exclude that over-the-edge power while keeping your femininity intact. Isn't that the sign of a true lady, ladies? Moreover, red in its varying degrees, is a colour that works against all skin tones. Plus, a long line of colour is not only stunning but visually slimming as well. 
Long enough smitten by the Mad Men fervor, I decided to keep the cut of this dress 60s and very simple. Allowing the colour to do the talking, I accentuated with a delicate gold neck-piece. If you are someone who goes out and embraces colour in their full glory, you can contrast this dress with cobalt, orange or hot pink. For the demure, the classic blacks, beige and nudes never fail. Keep your make-up light as you don't want to take away attention from the red drama and you are set for some serious head-turning sessions! 
See me do a similar look here.

Wearing - 

Dress - TrimmingsAndLace
Pumps - Dune
Neck-piece - Mom's
On my lips - Neutrogena Merlot
On my nails -  Revlon 404 Siren

This dress is a part of my upcoming collection and will be available on my Facebook page shortly. You can place an order for your customized piece by writing to me at 

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mix of Two Worlds





The undisputed reality of life is that - who we are and who we become is a product of the choices we make in life. A choice can be an outcome of fate or circumstance. Some of these choices are easy and some are hard, some leave us feeling exuberant while others leave us in despair. Some are new beginnings ushering greater love and happiness while others are chapters that come to a close. Whatever it may be, the choices we make have the power to free us from or exile us to the hallows of regret. I feel that, regret is the darkest feeling a human can live with. Hence, even if that choice was obvious and the right one or the hardest to be made, we must do so believing that after some years, we’ll be able to look back at that juncture in our life as a stronger, regret-free person who made the choices then, that he/she is proud of today. 
I recently learned (rather re-learned) this very valuable fact of life. And the outfit closely reflects that. You needn’t always chose between the obvious and the predicted. Likewise, T-Shirts needn’t always be reserved for jeans and, sequins needn’t always be reserved for that ‘fancy’ glamorous occasions. There is room and the choice where both can co-exist. And guess what, with no regrets!

On the other side, have you picked the classics – stripes and polka dots – from The TrimmingsAndLace Collection – Limited Edition. If not yet, hop here to have a TrimmingsAndLace piece exclusively crafted for you. And stay connected with me through FacebookTwitter and Instagram for some super exciting news coming your way! 

Wearing - 

Skirt - ASOS (here)
T-Shirt - Aeropostale 
Pumps - Charles & Keith (here and here)
Sunglasses - RayBan (here)
Bag - Bata
Accessories - Mom's and thrifted

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