Wednesday 4 May 2016

TrimmingsAndLace For JORD : Breaking A Vow

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If we are 'fashion influencers' in the actual sense of the word, we do draw our outfits based on our subconscious story. This very outfit comes from a place of exploration, self evaluation, complexity and passion, which is probably why it comes this late. The only facet that runs linear throughout this outfit post, much like our lives, is time.

I say exploration because as I took time off to settle and soak in the beautiful challenges of a married life, and slowed down my 'virtual social activity' I came across the works of many a many bloggers and the endless chain of blogs that have come up. Did I go through all of them? YES. Did I like all of them? NO. Did it leave me underwhelmed and a little skeptical towards the trends prevailing in the blogging industry? CERTAINLY YES.

I say self evaluation, because this allowed me or rather forced me to go back and see what I had been doing so far. Perhaps I was too disconnected to realize how commercial the industry has become. How effortlessly that voice of creativity has been sucked in and how glamorously plagiarism, promotions and directionless styling in the name of fashion prevails.

I say complexity because in all dramatics, the content has lost its glory and what substantiates the quality of a blog are the numbers. I have a ***K following, my content is a little similar to what I wrote in standard 8th or at times better because I was able to rip it off from, I won't have time to style your pieces to the fullest because I have multiple projects in the pipeline but I have ***K the rest obviously doesn't matter. The scenario for me personally is very sad and disappointing because the industry was nothing like this when I started. Blogging was first a medium for self and then for anyone else. But Alas!

I say passion because, although this trend is discouraging to say the least, I believe in doing what I know and doing it right. I believe that it is the only tool you need for longevity. Yes, it might not give you a herd, it might not even be commercially viable but atleast you'll have a voice.

Thank you JORD Wood Watches and Steve Madden (Facebook) for partnering on this post. In tune with this post, I can say for a definite that your brand ideology speaks much louder than a few words from me which could have made a difference. 

Wearing - 

Dress - StalkBuyLove
Belt - Forever 21
Sandals - c/o Steve Madden India
Watch - c/o JORD Wood Watches ()
Kundan Earrings - Mom's

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