Saturday, 22 October 2011

High Noon

Hello beautiful people!! 

I am so so excited to "break this news" to you guys. 

I recently did a guest post for the lovely Chandana from The Girl At First Avenue. I had been contemplating for quite some time now to include a guest post on my blog and she always topped my mind as someone I would want to begin with. I felt privelged that she thought of me in that light as well.
What I love about Chandana's blog is the fact that her blog is multi faceted. Its about fashion, her ideologies and such wonderful aspects of life that we often tend to miss. Every time I visit her blog I am amused at the diversity of her thoughts and how beautifully she is able to pen them. You can relate to each and every word she says. I admire her candidness and her up front dignity. Some instances from her life are truly inspiring. You have to have to check her blog to believe me!!
P.S And she looks gorgeous in a saree :D

Guys please check out my post here.

And you can scroll down for more of my outfit pictures :):)

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Colour Wheel

A big big hello to all my lovely people. Now, this one really has to big because it comes after long..yaayyeeee I am finally back :D

Now before my absence begins to sound like a planned sabbatical..let me tel you dearies that it was so not planned and this entire phase included only two non - exciting things - Work (loads of it) and Bad Health (because of the work and certainly loads of it). So, a big phewwwwwwwwww :p that it's all over and over on a fantastic note!!

Amidst all this, I did keep myself updated with regular dose of fashion :) Summer fashion did abandon the clich├ęs and bought in lots of bold, statement colours into picture. It certainly was THE FASHION MOMENT as sophisticated theatrics made way for statement colours. It definitely is the Colour - Block carry forward, but who's complaining??
I am usually the one keeping it minimal when wearing dresses. Mostly, I have been accessorizing dresses by teaming them up with nudes. But I decided to give that code a miss this time :)

Check it out:

Keeping up with Vogue's 'Big Bright Fashion' tutorial, instead of teaming this dress with say a sober bag, I experimented with this bright purple hobo. As, regards the footwear I preferred going back to my basics :):)

This dress is one of my most favourite pieces. It is perfect to wear for fun (autumn-y) lunches and because of its double-breasted collars its a good substitute for regular formal wears as well. Plus it ties in a bow at the back <3<3



Printed Dress: TrimmingsAndLace
Ballerina Flats: H and M
Bag: Thrifted (Mumbai)
Watch: Bonia

You might wanna see I wore colours here.

My dearest follows can now grab TrimmingsAndLace updates and much more Facebook. You can also follow me at Twitter @TrimmingsNdLace. I shall be waiting :):):)

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Guess Who's Back????

To all my dearies...

I know TrimmingsandLace has been MIA for quite some time now...but fret not, the wait is almost over! I have some super classy blog posts lined up for you guys!! 

Here's a glimpse :):)
Keep watching this space for more!!
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