Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Pinks You Cannot Miss

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Love it or hate it, but you cannot escape it - All pretty things do come in pink and all the Valentine hum drum involves pink, and a lot of it. But beyond the pretty and the mushy, for me pink affiliates with strength and empowerment as well (and much more).

With February unremarkably being the month of love (and all the branding that has gone into making it one), I felt it right to share with you my all time favourite pinks. I wouldn't label all of them as classics, however, being personal favourites I'll certainly recommend splurging on them. 

Here's my list - 

1. Chance by Chanel 
2. Miss Dior by Christian Dior
3. Dream of Pink by Lacoste - Sadly discontinued. Hence, I savour every drop of mine! 
4. Chatterbox by M.A.C - Works better as a blush. Trust me! 
5. Breathing Fire by M.A.C

Wearing - 

Cardigan - ZARA
Skirt - Stalk Buy Love
On my lips - Breathing Fire from M.A.C

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