Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Girl and The Leopard

"A leopard does not change his spots, or change his feelings that spots are rather a credit."
Ivy Compton - Burnett

So there comes a day in our lives, when after a long, hectic day all we seek is the comfort of our heavenly bed. BUT suddenly you get a call. This call has the power to spin all your plans when echoes, " Hey..I am in Chandigarh for today, lets catch up for dinner." You look helplessly towards that bed but you also know that a friend who is visiting town for just one day and is so gracious enough to meet you, is worth missing all those extra hours of sleep. Well that is exactly what happened to me a few days back!! Sorry, I couldn't be more dramatic :p

When encountered with a situation like this which is so time bound (as in I hardly got time to get dressed) my first instinctive reaction is : OHH MY GOD, I DO NOT HAVE ANY CLOTHES. This is followed by some rhetorical WHY's which continue till the very last moment you step out and leave home.    

Does that happen with you as well?? 

Its quite obvious that I wasn't much dressy that very day but still, I did click pictures of what I wore ( I am learning the art :) ). My look was very basic and thus I thought of making this post a-kinda tutorial as to how you can glam that basic look and perhaps make it more chic.    

Here's a look as to how I dressed:    

1.BELT: The first add-on which can enhance this look is a belt. The belt would help structure the outfit. Also since I wear a leopard top with a high waist skirt, the belt would define the two items. I pick the following belts: 


2. SHOES: Though I was happy wearing the mid-heel pumps, I would pick the following kinds of footwear which can totally uplift this outfit and make it glamorous:

Among these, my first pick would definitely be the ZARA sandals you see on the bottom-right corner, followed by the ZARA peep-toes on the top left.

3. CLUTCH: With the entire outfit, I carried my patent Louis Vuitton clutch, but here's my wish list of what I would have liked to carry. Obvious to say Gucci tops the list:

4. ACCESSORIES: I completed the look with black onyx droplet earings. I personally feel that with an outfit like this, its safer to wear one statement piece of jewelery because that ways the print you wear remains in focus and looks bolder. If you choose to wear earings, you can skip the bracelets/cuffs on your wrists and vice versa. Keeping the jewelery simple, one can add accessories to the hair. Also one can do their lips and nails in rich crimson. Here's my pick:

I shall await your valuable suggestions :)
Thank you for stopping by...


  1. Hi Agam!!This is actually a great idea for a post!!Great job and very different!!!You can now teach people like me(who have no clue of whats going on,on the fashion front :p) look chic!!:)
    Keep up the good work as always!!

  2. i LOVE leopard print :) great choices of clutches too dear!! xoxo!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment!! Nice post!!
    Come back soon, I'll be waiting for you!!

  4. love the cluthes

  5. Leopard print + black = ultimate glamour! :)

  6. hello honey!!!!!thank you so much for your comment!im so happy that you liked my post!kisses nandia

  7. i dont know why we girls always feel that we never have anything to wear.. especially when standing in front of an over flowing closet.. hehe...

    Nice look.. very glamorous! :)

  8. @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: I totally vouch for that Chandana and the frequency of that happening is so high :p

  9. @Nandia: You are so lovely!! xoxo

    @Yajaria: Thank you girl!! I havn't been able to access your gotta help me with that :)