Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dots and Dates

Hey Dearies!!

Well I am super excited doing this post. My SUPER EXCITEMENT has no apparent reason except for the fact that I wore polka dots over lunch with cousins and friends today. So why are the polka dots, lunch, cousins and friends making me excited? Hmmm Here's why:

1. The polka dots top I wore today has been designed by me.
2. I wore it last on the 14th of June 2010, while shopping with my favourite person in Dubai.
3. My cousins, mentioned friends and me all went to the same school. So we all are batchmates, seniors, super seniors which makes us a fun gang!!
4. I digged into my favourite Pasta al Pomodoro in delicious red sauce after quite a while. I had it last on 8th June 2011 at a different restaurant though. I am pro at remembering dates.
5. Gossips and meaningful conversations were accompanied by many rounds of green apple sodas, peach ice tea, fresh lime and mocha's :)

My outfit for the day was very basic...have a look :

I like the little detail added on this blouse with opposite coloured trimmings on the front and back, running in the shades of hot pink and orange. I deeply regret not wearing a nail colour in either of these shades (which by the way I am going gaga over these days) which kinda makes the look bland :(

I wore orange peep - toes though:

My entire look came out like this:

Do you guys remember my bag from here.

Thank you for stopping by...

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  1. That's such a cute top you got yourself dear! Those contrast color trims are quite a nice touch!! :)

  2. The look is nice casual chic! :) And lunches with friends and cousins is always FUN! :D

  3. Your top is so adorable! You designed it? Fabulous.

  4. Love your bag and you look lovely! thanks for your comment dear! xx Joice

  5. Thanks a ton guys..xoxo you guys are lovely :)

    @Deirdre: yup I tried :):)

  6. :) i am here and ur doing sum superb work..luv

  7. I just found your blog :)
    and followed you!
    I am glad i found someone from India.
    You look cute here :D

  8. that top is too cute!! love it :)

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  10. Hey Agam.. Good job done :)


  11. Thank you so much guys!! Much love :)