Thursday, 30 June 2011

Travel (V)ogue - II

Hello Dearies..

So here comes the second edition of my travelogue series. Well I know I am not writing the most anticipated or "watch-out-for" travelogue, but here's hoping you guys enjoy it as much as I do. 

First things first, in this post I am gonna cheat a bit.YES and that's by making it an outfit post as well (Yaayyyeeeeee / aaarrrggghhhhh ???????) See I truly am so moved by this unexplainable joy of putting together garments and the entire idea of coming up with what is termed as "FASHIONABLE"; that I just couldn't resist. I know my fellow fashion bloggers would know how it feels. 


There are also two major reasons attached to my cheating:

1. I had been feeling from my previous post or two, that my outfits looked bland since I wore no nail colour. After days of looking about, I found my desired shade of ORANGE :D:D:D and I wore it so couldn't wait to share it with you (I hope you see it in the pics :( :( ) I am so thrilled on wearing it and so happy to have found it. My bbm status reads "Is Loving the Orange" and its been there for 30 hours now :)

2. I happened to call this as my sailor outfit (Notice the scarf in my neck???) so thought of posting it in the travelogue series :) Do you like my Hair-do??

Wearing: Teal Top Next, Navy Blue Bermuda shorts (with strawberry print :)) Local store, Scarf and Orange cuff Thrifted, Ballerina New York, Sunglasses Forever 21. On my nails Revlon 404 Siren.

So as promised, bringing to you an insight into my vacation. Day 2 we happened to visit a place called Naldera which is about an hour's drive from Shimla, The stark elemental beauty of this place is truly unmatched. It is densely covered by trees (and monkeys) but is very accessible since the environment is well controlled. So there we were amidst the forests with such innate natural beauty, extending as far as the eye could see.
Naldera also has one of the highest and the oldest nine hole golf course. Though I do not know how to play the game, but seeing my Dad and Sister play in one of the most beautiful golf courses was indeed wonderful.
Here's what I wore that day :

Wearing: Red-check pants Local Store, T-shirt Hard Rock Cafe, Socks Aldo, Shoes Converse, Watch Swatch.

All through I wore a light cardigan (from Bershka) to keep me warm.

Leaving you guys with a few of my favourite pictures from the day:

I hope you liked my post :)

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  1. Love the idea of wearing the scarf like that! It looks so chic... looking good :)

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  8. Loved your first pic the most....lovely colours put together and the hairdo is fantastic , hope u had a great time!!

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  10. i love your printed shorts! so cute :)

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  12. You look very cute in all the pics.

  13. Love the first outfit ... those 2 colors look awesome together! :)

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  14. loved your Bermuda shorts!!
    And I have been to Naldhera many years back.. Its a beautiful place !! Loved the calmness and the scenic beauty !