Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"Little Miss Mis-Match"

Hello my darling people..How is the week passing by? Well as for me, I am already longing for the weekend to catch up on my lost sleep..
For no apparent reason, I have decided to make this post a quickie (the reason is perhaps my thought machine is in slumber). But I have always had a little doubt that whether the little-too-much I end up talking in my posts, really interests you?
Wowaaa so here's your question uptill my next post, Do you enjoy reading what I write? If not, where do you think I faulter? (I am a little faint hearted, so please be kind with the criticism :p but I respect all views and opinions).
The outfit for this post is a concoction of prints and textures, something I have never done before. It was nowhere a conscious effort to put together something like this, rather it was 'One Of Those Many Days' when my wardrobe too is in slumber :)

Since, this was my first attempt at mixing prints and textures, I sobered the look with a plain pencil skirt, nude pumps and minimal accessories. 

Sorry for the pictures. These are cell phone clicks :(
Pencil skirt and scarf: Thrifted
Icy Blue Lace wrap and Pearl drop neckpiece: Gifted
Silk and Lace spagetti blouse (worn underneath): Local boutique in Chandigarh
Nude Pumps and bracelets: Aldo

Like many a times, I got a Gossip Girl imagery when I wore this outfit. I love how Blair wears prints in the commencing episode of Season 4 - Belles du jour. Check it out :)

I hope you enjoyed my post :):) 
P.S I am so loving the Icy Blue colour this season. Hoping to wear it in a lot many outfits :D

Thank you for stopping by...


  1. Gossip Girl!!! :D The outfit is pretty but my eyes are on your nude pumps :D and Agam, obviously, I enjoy reading what you write.. If you would have just posted your outfits without sharing how you feel about it, then it would have felt like a pizza without a cheese :D okay whatever that mean!! :D Hope you get some beauty sleep and good wishes for Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi!! :D
    Ananya!! <3 <3

  2. so cute dress ...i love shirt print .....

  3. You've done a pretty good job considering this is your 1st attempt at print mixing! :)

    The nude pumps & minimal accessories did the trick, I guess!

  4. First I love reading what you've written as much as i love looking at your outfit pictures... so please continue! Dont stop! Those who dont feel like reading will anyway skip directly to the pictures...so let the ones who are interested get entertained :)

    I dont think am that good when it comes to mixing prints.. I need to experiment more! But i think you've done a brilliant job! I love the scarf..
    And yes gossip girl!!! Cant wait for it to start!!

  5. I totally love your look !! And yes I always enjoy reading your posts and infact to that matter I dont like empty posts ( ie. only filled with pictures ) they seem to bit incomplete !! soo no need to keep it short.. Keep sharing your thoughts !! I love it !! : )


  6. I love your outfit it's so cute! And it totally does remind me of Blair's outfit from Gossip girl.


  7. Love how you mixed the pronts and textures! Great combination! <3
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  8. Thank you so much guys..your words mean so much to me!! You truly are the driving force behind whatever I do on my blog..rather the little good I am able to do!! A big big thank you and lots of love <3

  9. love the xlashing mixed prints!!very bold!!!now following you via GFC
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  10. Loving how you put this outfit together! Great styling!!


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  11. very nice post ..... i like her skirt ....

  12. Lovely look! And great inspiration! :)


  13. We love your posts..keep em coming :-)

  14. cute outfit and love the mix and match!

  15. Loved this mix of prints and nude pumps oh so sexy!!

  16. Thank you so so much ladies <3