Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chunky Knits or Chunky Me?? POLL IT!!

Hello beautiful people!!

 Finally, today we caught a glimpse of the impending Spring in this part of the world..which for me was a quick reminder of all the winter-y, (multiple??) layered posts I am yet to show you guys and the countless outfits I have planned for spring. The only disadvantage of a 'Work-From-Home' job is that the number of outfits (as in the times you step out of your regular pajamas and sweatshirts) you get to flaunt fashionably is inversely proportional to the number of working days you have. I work more and I flaunt less :(:( 
Ohhhhh I got to sleep that extra hour without the dreadful fate of getting out of the blanket during those chilly winter mornings..I SEE MY GLASS FULL :D :D

This is  something I wore a week back. This outfit surely was high on the comfort factor considering the weather and was fairly decent on the fashion quotient too..that's what I thought until I saw these pictures!! (Roll down to know why)

Jeans - ZARA
Sweater - Thrifted
Muffler - Marks & Spencer
Cuff - Forever 21
Horse Shoe Ring (Debuting on the Blog) - Forever 21 
Pumps - Aldo

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  1. I like the outfit!! Voted my opinion too!!! :D Thank you stopping my blog and acknowledging my comments. <3 Could you please follow me back? I know it sounds a bit cheesy but the thing is i want to reach 75 followers asap!! :) Share the love and follow me back?


  2. okay, i do notice what isn't right! But, umm, works well! :D
    Good to see u here after long!

  3. I'm in love with your Cuff from Forever 21!!!!!! I'd love to wear it with white shorts and high heels!!!!!

    Dionysia - I am a fashionista

  4. I love your cuff and you look lovely ! I am following you, thanks for inviting me and saying you'll follow back =) waiting for you and also don't forget my giveaway !
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  5. I love love love this outfit! Its so comfy and chic! You really have an art when it comes to layering :)

    p.s - so sorry for the late reply! I've been extremely busy! Am I forgiven? :P


  6. Loved d belt.. Grabbing all my attention.. But still loved d whole look!! : )
    Nd hey same feelings here- was not able to flaunt my looks cz of the compulsory formalss :X

  7. The bracelet is perfect!

  8. That bracelet is AWASOME!!! GREAT style and blog you have
    I am following you as of now :) I will wait for you now :) XO Ciaoooooooooo

  9. i love your shoes and the bracelet, and i love the sweater too. i think it may look better with a skinny belt.

  10. Agam, I find it interestingly who you have methodically managed to methodically keep your face out of your images. Though you have to confess that it got a little comical in the video. Nice attempt. Best wishes. Ajeet Khurana

  11. love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


  12. very cute =)

    Please, visit my blog and tell what you think ^^ And we can follow each other if you want =)

  13. Ooh, I like that sweater and how you belted it!
    Plus, thanks for your comment, I'd love for us to follow each other :)
    Following you now, waiting for you on my blog

  14. great outfit

    thanks for visiting my blog, hope you return soon ;-)

  15. Cute outfit, really like the sweater! Now following you

  16. Love your chunky cardi!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Loved your blog too and I'm following you!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  17. your chunky cardi is darling
    I actually really like it :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  18. awesome sweater and blazer! fab!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. following you now

  19. gorgeous outfit!
    now following your lovely blog :)

    follow back?