Monday, 11 April 2011

From the archives - Tangy O

Hey everyone!! For my second post I have thought of archiving some of my looks from before. Since orange is the flavour of the season, I decided to show you guys how I wore the same.


Well this was a mid winter dress up..and my attempt to bring in some colour..:) I adore this mango dress..well not for its colour but its delicate falling neck detail with golden buttons :)

Dressing up for winters is fun..with the boots, trenches, mufflers..and all. I am lucky to be residing in the north so I get to enjoy the Indian winters to the fullest. Well this particular trench belongs to my mum and is about 15 years old :) It certainly commands vintage value now!! Also this outfit of mine wasn't minus the cocktail ring fever :) You can check that out below:

I would love to know your views on today's post!!

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  1. Its great............Agam!!! Keep it up.........!!!:):)

  2. I love your fashion aesthetic .... ur on the right track girl !!

  3. Following you back, thanks for the comment. Love your tights :)

  4. Thank u Orange and Cloves :):)

  5. It is superb combination of all accessories. Your blazer, boots and orange tight give totally stunning look.:)

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