Thursday, 14 April 2011

From the archives - Winter hues - Red and Blue

Hey guys..I guess I would be archiving a few more of my looks of Winter 2011. Well winter in not at all of all greys,navy blues and blacks. Infact winter gives us chances to venture out and play with different hues be that bright colours or the subtle ones. Agreed that the bright ones are to be kept for the springs, but don't we cheer up when we adorn them on a foggy morning?
Well my first look is Ohhhh - so Blair Waldorf inspired!! Take a look:

The Winters characterized by the warm sun and accompanied by the chilly breeze demanded that i wear layers...Red is my solid contrast with black..and i wore a leopard print wrap underneath just to add sum fun to the solid block of colours..catch my red ballerina flats playing peek-a-boo..:)

Incase, you still havnt figured out as to why this look was a Blair Waldorf inspired, I shall be obliged to answer. This quarter sleeved red blazer has been my best buy this season and I was lucky to finally find it at Forever 21 after admiring this style in many Gossip Girl episodes (Read BW). Plus I chose to wear it with a head band so really made me feel so Blair :):) 

The second look that I have included in this post, is a simple one. The winter greys and blacks have been poped up with ELECTRIC BLUE!! Incase you wondering as to why electric blue has been put in capitals is cause its my all time favourite colour. I can safely say I am obssessed with it!!

This black top is my multi purpose thing and its minimal sequin detail compensates for no accessories. These flats ares super comfortable and they have this grey-blue leopard printed satin scarf on top wic makes them kinda cute :):) The fun part is that the grey sleeveless cardigan that I wear is my Dad's. I love to wear his clothes especially during winters..its fun and for no apparent reason they are super cosy :)
So,obviously this cardigan was loose on me, so i belted it up and pleated it from the back, like this :

And Voillaaaaaa!!

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  1. Very nice blog Agam..!!
    I really like this style of yours..and after knowing the fact about this grey sweater...Hats off to ur styling :)

  2. Thank u so much Shilpi means alot!!

  3. I love the second look! I have a soft corner for belts myself :)

  4. Loved the belt clinched look of the second outfit :)

  5. Nice outfit! I love head bands as well! :)

  6. Thank u Chandana..yup they are girly and fun :)

  7. love the first look!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog! following you too :)