Sunday, 10 April 2011

Happy Beginnings :)

"All glory comes from daring to begin." Eugene F. Ware

Well although we know it isnt any rocket science but here I am amidst a stream of emotions as I put across to you all my very first post for Trimmings and Lace. My profile describes me as a fashion enthusiast and I hope to stand up to that.
Without much delay, so here's what I wore yesterday for a family dinner. I love love love my family (like all of us) and I guess my first post should include them as well, in whichever way.

I simply love this dress primarily because of its rich colour. Its got this beautiful lace detailing for the bodice and the back ( apt :) :)). Lace also adds so much feminity into an attire. 
I should also mention here my love for slings and cocktail rings this season.
I shall keep you posted on a few of my favourite picks of the two this very season..soon!! 
I have a lot on my mind to share with everyone..from who I am,what I like, how's my city like and so much more..I hope I'll be welcomed and loved by you all in doing so!!
Please leave your comments and let me know your views :)
Thanks for stopping by...


  1. SUPERB! congrats on your first blog.. cant wait to see more.. :) BEST OF LUCK!!!

  2. Cute dress!! I'm following you now, too. :)

  3. Great begin.... Congratulations