Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Stockings love!!

Hey all..how have you been? This post comes after quite a while..well please forgive me as I am in the middle of 2 weeks of strenous, scary exams!! No matter how many I take - the pressure, stress and anxiousness is as new and as fresh since I last took them :(
Anyhow, for this post I have compiled a few of my looks wherein you would see me wearing stockings!!
Its interesting to note that stockings have been a part of the wardrobes since the 15th century and were primarily worn by men. As fashion and fashion aesthetics evolved so did this very piece..and came as a friend for the females...
Today stockings are available in a wide range of colours and techniques be that LACE :), fishnet, fencenet, denier, applique or sheer.
So here are my looks:
Look 1

Wearing : Sweater Dress Slimmer New York,  Satchel bag Juicy Couture and my ballerina flats with a cute shimmery butterfly and the stockings are from Dubai (thrift).

Look 2 has me looking like a school girl :):)

Wearing: Stockings Forever 21, Ballerina flats from Dubai and the rest trust me is thrifted :p

Look 3

I wasnt supposed to be minus that..was I?

Look 4

Wearing: Stockings Forever 21, Dress UCB, Bag Nine West, Ballerina Flats Lifestyle. I chose yellow flats and yellow accessories to go with this dress just to add some colour and fun.

Also you can see me wearing stockings here

Would love to know your views!!

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