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TrimmingsAndLace For Vivat : Dramatics And All That

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The value and symbolic significance of jewellery is something that gets instilled in us while we are little girls and stays with us through different stages of life. The conscience awareness that jewellery is an important adornment in the life of a woman, it's timelessness from one generation to another and also it's preciousness as an element of investment, are qualities a girl is raised with.

Jewellery has always been associated with being spectacular and breathtaking, depicting the detailed craftsmanship and skill that goes into curating it. These were my initial thoughts as I browsed through Vivat's collection on Instagram. Though I myself favour the changing preferences towards light and  minimal jewellery, nothing can beat the grandeur of truly bold, statement pieces. 

The collection at Vivat is a mix and balance of modern and traditional designs. Along with traditional stones, cuts and designs, Vivat also focuses on uncut, semi-precious stones set in a crushed gold or silver plating that enhances the beauty of the raw material used. The same, makes these pieces sit perfectly with Indian wear and are a definite treat when paired with more contemporary silhouettes. Fret not, because the jewellery is easy on the pocket which means as the festival and wedding season approaches, gone are your woes of wearing the same jewellery pieces over and over again. You can opt for wearing a choker alone or mix and match the sets. Wear an exquisite neck-piece as a headgear or as a modernized version of a kamar-band. Indian, westerns, contemporary Indian, solid colours, maxis, and even sharp, tailored suits it you dare, the options to pairing these beauties are many. Further, it is well ensured that those of you with sensitive skin do not develop allergies of any kind to non-precious metals. 

My idea of this post was to showcase how stylishly these pieces can be worn with more present-day and revolutionized silhouettes. I felt it matched the brand's ideology and functioning to the fullest. I decided to layer these gorgeous neck-pieces to amplify the theatricals that I intended to achieve with this post. I am sure you all must be wondering about the structure of my outfit. Well, it is a DIY-ed version of a georgette sari. I draped it render a very Grecian appeal, yet maintain the robust floral print to depict this transition period. Finally, it was the weather that thankfully added the requisite drama to the overall look. 

How would you choose to style these stunning pieces? Share your ideas with me in the comments section below. You can stop by my Instagram or tweet them to me. Also, don't forget to find Vivat on Facebook  and Instagram

Wearing - 

Dress as top - ASOS (here)
Sari - Mom's
The Head Turner Set - c/o Vivat (Shop)
The Glam Trio Set - c/o Vivat (Shop)
The Pride Set - c/o Vivat (Shop)
Sandals - ALDO (here)

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