Sunday, 16 August 2015

Butterflies, Buckets and Bites

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Shot By - Sahil Nanda

A Shift Dress to fashion is what mindless television is to weekends. It's a no-brainer when it comes to styling, can be dressed up or dressed down and allows you to miss out on the accessories. All you need is a pair of your most comfortable heels (yes, sense the irony) or your oxfords/loafers (yes, in case you are lucky) and your world in your bag and you are good to run multiple errands during the day or step in and out of meetings. This pretty much has been my last week and the shift dresses of the closet have been my saviour. Also largely because, given the weather and the soaring humidity, there is nothing better, quick or comfortable that I can think of. Having been the fashion circuit's newest baby, the bucket bag has made a large space in my heart as well. I mean it's chic, ultra spacious and all you need to do is to be lazy and throw your stuff in. Now, who doesn't love that? 

Wearing - 

Dress - Promod
Bag - Mango
Peep-Toes - Charles & Keith
Jewellery - Mom's 
On my lips - M.A.C Chatterbox 

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