Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Misread Theory Of Professionalism

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Its quite rhetorical when I ask myself or a group of like minded individuals as to whether 'Professionalism' in today's time is a disregarded virtue or simply an illusion. From what I can say for myself, I am a propagator of professionalism. I may have an occasional slip or two, but then my morality takes the better of me and the whole situation and perhaps the lack of "call of action" from my end, makes me feel guilty to the stomach. I do also believe that there are a few gospels that constitute the very fundamentals of professionalism and are independent of the industry you operate in. 

The sheer idea of TIME is nothing but a myth and punctuality an unknown virtue. We all have been late to a meeting or an event and have also been on the other side of the table. But why does being late become a characteristic symbolic of your stature and being right-on-time fetches you an  "Ohhh! You're here", topped with sufficient quantities of dismay.

Another aspect of our everyday functioning, which we all might have resorted to ourselves at some point of time, and have largely become okay with is NON-REVERT. One of the very basics of virtual communication is acknowledgement. But since when and why, a simple acknowledgement to an email, a text or a call become a damper to the position you hold or a reflector to how busy you really are. Why are we in a race to supersede the other on grounds as trivial as these. Has talent and hard work indeed lost their value that we cannot bank on them.

We battle it out on the OUTCOMES, results and deliverables. Yet it is easy for people to renege on their commitments and what was apparently agreed upon, easily compromising on the time and efforts put into the initial discussion and decision making. In some cases, your efforts might be deemed as obligatory. While in others, it might seem fair and just to put off a task for reasons more personal than professional, sometimes to an extent where it becomes an arduous exploitation of your professional dependence. 

I am sure each of us can add in more to this rant, coming from a tank of experiences we gain in and during our professional tenure. Likewise, each of us would have evolved a mechanism that works best for us. However, much like my thoughts on MODESTY, it sometimes saddens me to find myself swimming in a pool as shallow as this. But I'm glad to have my virtues as my lifeboats and retain them with pride. I would love to know your share of professional inexperience(s) and how you dealt with them. In the end, all I say is that - Let's bring the ship home!

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