Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Whites and Uniforms





I have worn all white outfits before. My memory draws a proactive succession off all-white attires, which only and only were associated with school and college uniforms. Blame it on age (and yes just age), white uniform in school used to cheer me up. We were supposed to wear it every Wednesday and during school days a little sartorial variation was enough. Atleast, enough to tell me that fashion holds my real self and happiness. Plus it used to make me feel that white makes my skin glow with a wonderful peach-y tint.





Enter college. My sartorial senses added and style options multiplied. I began to recognize the basic premises of outfits - what makes you glow is the color that suits you, variations in the outfit textures can do wonders for your body shape, heels can be my best friend, accessories and clothes need to work in tandem and studying in an all girls college has been my greatest bet till date. During college, white began to be associated with college uniform (to be worn on Monday's), the day of reminded regulations, the day you wouldn't want to go "hang out" after college hours and the day when an exam fell on a Monday. Basically, talk of white and I'll say I have been there, done that!!
Being a style blogger (and an up-keeper of trends), I know I should have accessorized with Tan and followed the grail that Gold and Silver accents pop even more against the white canvas. I remember wearing white corduroy pants with a white knitted top and white (and black) flats to college...I am sure my uniform now can include that dash of color...maybe much within the regulations!!

Wearing - 

Top with lace detailing - Marks & Spencer
Pants - Next
Peep-Toe Sandals - Venus Steps (New Delhi)
Belt - Forever 21
Neck-piece - 8teen Style Boulevard
Chain (worn as ring) - Pierre Cardin
Hair-Ties - Accessorize
Bangles - Local Store (Chandigarh)
Clutch - Thrifted (seen here)

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  1. i've never got the courage to try white on white. You, although are carrying it really well :)
    Wow, you wore white on Monday's, at college! :O At our time, the rule wasn't there, or, if it was, wasn't followed by us! :D

  2. ahhh charming white :D I have never tried white on white, but you surely glam it up with that lovely necklace and that clutch- which I really really wanna steal it from you !! :)

    And even I studied in a Girls college, and we used to have this White Monday !! I always used to skip Mondays for the same ;)

  3. LOVE that necklace! All white is so classic!

  4. I love your pants hon.. The fit is great!! N adorable necklace.. I like it :)

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    Akanksha, Fictitious Fashion

  5. Thank you for this gorgeous post! you have styled the necklace so well! :) xoxo

  6. I really love your pants and those sandals are amazing!
    great great outfit!

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  7. You did absolute justice to the whites by adding those splashes of color, my dear!! I LOVE your necklace!! :)

  8. Love your outfit and multi-colored necklace makes a nice touch along with matching hair band. Are you a stylist by profession?


  9. These touches of bright colors enlight your white outfit !

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  11. Beauitful!
    White truly complements your skin tone .


  12. just hopped on to your blog and glad i did :) love the white monochromatic look and a hint of color in the necklace and hair band. def following you now, follow me back if u like :)

  13. Love the neckpiece. Color blocking is definitely the trend this season.
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  14. Love the mono look here and the pops of color from the accessories just completes the look!!