Friday, 27 March 2015

A Traditional Recline








While fashion ideas and trends might change and reverse, a form of dressing that remains strictly conventional for me is Indian dressing. The lines barring domestic and global fashion are rapidly bleaking into the horizon and traditional wear has been witnessing a major revolution in terms of modernized cuts and silhouettes. However, I personally feel I've been rather stuck when it comes to the same. My sister got married last year and on our countless trips visiting boutiques and designers, a self-discovery that came through was my natural inhibition towards trying the contemporary versions of Indian wear. That doesn't mean I don't love the designs, I love them and admire the skill and art that goes behind creating such gorgeous pieces. Just that, it might take me a while (or one dressing occasion) to step out of this ideological zone. With the wedding season being on it's temporary recline, taking a moment on the blog today is this lehnga I wore on my sister's sangeet.  

Wearing - 

Lehnga - TrimmingsAndLace
Pipal-Patti Earrings - Mom's 
Haathphool - ALDO (here)
Kadas -Thrifted (here)
Sandals - ALDO (here)
On my lips - Non-Stop Red in 510 by Maybelline (DIY here)
On my nails - Colorbar Twisted Peach 

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