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Spring marks an enthralling transformation in the life of the living beings and in the many processes of life. The gloomy days of the winters begin to fade in memories, the frozen earth sprungs new buds in anticipation of growth and brightness and the senses of sight, sound and smell rejoice in absolute harmony. As the living beings delight in resurrection, quickened sensibilities and youthfulness, the fashion world opens new reins to colours and prints. Like fashion and style trends, the glamour of spring remains unchanged. But it seems to have found a lasting companion in colours, textures, prints, cuts and Instagram. In March, I associated with Lifestyle International to showcase their Spring/Summer'15 collection which celebrates the energy, zeal, passion and immense talent hosted by individuals across varied fields and how dynamic is their #InstaLife. True to idea, the Spring/Summer collection at Lifestyle is an amazing conglomerate of trends and fashion moments. From florals to stripes, from fringes to laces, from yellows to summer whites, from military to denim, from crop tops to culottes, the list seems endless. But if you are someone who wishes to be bang on trend without burning the pocket, this collection is surely a haven for you.

For this styling project, I stuck to the books and trend reports and picked up pieces in yellow, a pair of denim culottes, a basic white lace dress and an Aztec print blazer (here). For this very look, I decided to keep the whole look very minimal and carefree and paired this lace crop top with a pair of culottes. The day started with clear skies but quite unlike my idea of spring, it suddenly changed into one downpour of sorts. Which is why, unlike last time, I decided to keep it relaxed in brogues with my messy, wind affected and half wet hair as company. But isn't doing it 'now' and capturing the real time is what #InstaLife holds for? To finish the look and still keep it a little dressy, I added a contrast by these purple statement drops.

Though, our shoot was a pack-up in 15 minutes, I am thrilled with the job done by Saajan (@sajanaroraphotography) and Ravit (@ravkdesigns) on the pictures. Don't forget to stop by their work and show some love. I hope you enjoyed the post and my experience of it all!

Wearing - 
Lace Crop-Top - c/o Ginger
Crop-Top (underneath) - Own
Culottes - c/o AND
Earrings - c/o Ginger
Necklace worn as bracelet - c/o ToniQ
Brogues - Own

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